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“Gucifer 2.0” Claims a Murdered DNC Insider Leaked DNC Emails

In December I asked, Was Putin or Russia really behind the hacks? although NSA whistleblower William Binney and CIA analyst Ray McGovern made the case that the DNC emails were merely leaked by someone who already had access but not “hacked.”

But in my aforementioned post I wrote:

Glenn Greenwald on the absence of evidence to support CIA/Washington Post‘s assertion that Russia hacked U.S. elections to benefit Trump. However, both Julian Assange (who ought to know about his sources of hacked documents!) and Oliver Stone have stated otherwise. Stone believes that the DNC hacks were an inside job. Justin Raimondo wrote about that and quoted Assange, “…’If we’re talking about the DNC, there’s lots of consultants, lots of programmers’ with means, motive, and opportunity.” (Such as a disgruntled Bernie supporter, etc.) “Circumstantial evidence” supporting the “inside job” theory include the suspicious deaths of DNC-involved young people, Seth Rich, Joe Montano, and Shawn Lucas at the time of the July, 2016 Democrat National Convention. (Only three? And those names have been added to the “Clinton death list,” by the way.)

The Gateway Pundit now has an article which states that Gucifer 2.0 claims that Seth Rich, the patriotic DNC “Voter Expansion Data Director,” was the leaker of the emails that embarrassed former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary campaign director John Podesta.

However, a subsequent article on Zero Hedge states that such claims of Seth Rich’s alleged leaking have not been substantiated. But given that besides Rich and other DNC workers who have access, so do the NSA have access into the DNC emails. No “hacking” necessary. The NSA has access into everything on the Internet. What would be an NSA/CIA/FBI/otherwise national security state goon’s motive for leaking the emails? A hatred of Hillary perhaps? And an attempt to derail her Presidential campaign by embarrassing Hillary’s DNC stooges? That last theory makes the most sense to me. And how to explain the 3 mysterious deaths of DNC people last year? Hmmmm.

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