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There Is No “Deep State” – The Government Isn’t “Wiretapping” (Repeat)

Talk radio neocon Hugh Hewitt is constantly saying there is no “deep state” or “shadow government.” In my view, he is either extremely ignorant or he knows about the control that military/CIA/FBI/NSA/ETC have over things but he wants the truth swept under the rug. Recently Hewitt also defended Donald Trump against media attacks, stating that Trump “is at war with the media because he does represent the deconstruction of the administrative state.”

Wait a minute. You mean Trump doesn’t represent the “deconstruction of the administrative state”? Or he does represent the further construction of the “administrative state”? Nope. I think Hewitt thinks that Trump is going to de-construct the administrative state. How nutso. Donald Trump is for central planning on steroids. He is FOR the bureaucracy, not against it. Trump is for expanding the police state, with his expanded military wet dreams, TrumpCare to replace ObamaCare that merely rearranges the deck chairs, and his wacko anti-immigration bureaucracy police state.

Donald Trump is all about government, Big Government, central planning, and bureaucracy. The “administrative state.” So I predict that, despite Trump’s complaints about being wiretapped, he will be a BIG supporter of the NSA spying, CIA, and so forth. Trump’s own DHS is considering separating immigrant parents from their children, by the way. If Trump signs on to that, then he is no better than your local CPS stasi bureaucrats.

But I didn’t hear what Hewitt might have said about Trump’s allegations of wiretapping of his phones during the campaign. There is plenty of evidence that Trump is right that he has been wiretapped. And that would be by the “deep state.” (Who else would do that?)

Justin Raimondo notes that the taking down of national security advisor Mike Flynn was the doing of the “deep state.” Some people think that the “intelligence community” of the deep state is ultimately after Donald Trump. But I believe that Trump will stay with it, unless he advocates abolishing the CIA or NSA, of course. In which case the deep state will probably do to him what they did to JFK, who wanted to “splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”

Ron Paul has advocated shutting down the CIA, NSA, and many other departments as part of the general Great Government Shutdown, as I would like to call it. Michael Rozeff makes good points to abolish the CIA. And Jacob Hornberger also makes a good case.

Jacob Hornberger makes the case here as well, in an interview with Scott Horton of

Now, regarding Donald Trump’s wiretapping allegations, some bloggers and talk radio people have been making use of a January 19th New York Times story with the original headline, “Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides.” And to go with all the fake news debunking that the biased news media and kooky leftists are trying to do, the Times has already changed the headline of that news story to, “Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates,” the changed headline acknowledged by the Times at the bottom of the story.

So, you see how desperate the fake news media are in shaping a narrative, controlling the fallout of their own propaganda, or attempting to cover-up the truth on behalf of the State, including the “deep state”?

If you don’t believe there’s a “deep state,” you can read all these books on … the “deep state.” But Hugh Hewitt doesn’t believe there’s a “deep state.” Heh.

And regarding the NSA spying on innocent Americans without suspicion or warrants, NSA whistleblowers such as Russ Tice have testified on NSA’s illicit spying on high government officials, including congressmen and senators, military generals, State Department officials and Supreme Court Justices. Blackmail is right up there on the deep state’s agenda, or the national security state’s agenda, you know.

And James Bamford was an early NSA agent and has written several books and spoken a lot about the crimes of the NSA against innocent Americans.

Just yesterday, Sean Hannity interviewed NSA whistleblower William Binney, who acknowledges that NSA really does collect and store the digital data which are part of all Americans’ phone and electronic communications. Binney was a part of the NSA for 32 years and left in 2001 when he saw how they were then starting to spy on innocent non-suspects.

Incidentally, regarding the White House leaks going on to discredit The Donald, I think two prime suspects should be Rancid Reince Priebus and Mike Pence. (Is Pence another LBJ waiting in the wings? I hope not.)

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