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Early this morning Roger Stone was on with George Noory. Stone said that Max Boot and the neocons were “drooling for war,” which seems accurate as far as I can tell. The neocons are nuts, in my view.

Stone also said that his sources (I think he said sources located in New York) say that Bill Clinton is “gravely ill” and will probably pass away some time this year. (However, we heard that about Hillary, given her coughing fits and her fainting spells last year, that the end was near, but now she may actually run for mayor of New York City. Go figure.)

I don’t know if they discussed yesterday’s terrorist attack in London, because I didn’t hear the whole interview. So I don’t know if either of them speculated on what psychiatric drugs the attacker might have been on. Quite a few of the terrorist attackers and mass murderers in recent years were found to have been taking psychiatric drugs, such as Xanax, Zoloft, and Luvox.

And today, Robert Wenzel published a statement from Roger Stone on the Russia stuff. It’s remarkable that those politicians on that committee this week, interrogating James Comey and Mike Rogers, asked questions as though they actually still believe that “Russians hacked the 2016 election.” Especially Adam Schiff. Is he really that dumb? Justin Raimondo calls Schiff a “grifter, racketeer, warmonger.” And some of their groupies in the media — are they really that dumb? Or are they knowingly continuing that false narrative for the sake of propaganda? They are shameful.

And by the way, now we hear that there really is evidence that Donald Trump and others were under “systemic illegal surveillance” over two years ago, according to Zero Hedge.

Anyway, prior to Roger Stone’s appearance with Noory, Mish Shedlock was on. I only heard the end of the conversation, but Mish said that he was born in Danville, Illinois, which is where Rob Petrie was from. I think that if those congressional hearings with Adam Schiff and Sen. Stuart Smalley were a regular TV show, it would have to be classified as a sitcom. They’re very kooky people, in my view.

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