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The Latest in Political Correctness News (And Politically Incorrect)

The brainwashed zombies on the college campuses who are burning the blaspheming witches at the stake (like at Middlebury College recently) seem to be coming from the upper middle and upper class, and from apparently self-segregated neighborhoods, according to this Brookings Institution article, “Illiberal arts colleges: Pay more, get less free speech.”

So the ones at those elite colleges engaging in extremely uncivilized behaviors at the recent “protests” are the ones whose rich families can afford to send them to the most expensive schools. Perhaps the intolerant censorship cultists would feel more at home in Pakistan, where the Islamabad High Holy Wacko has pronounced that all blasphemers on social media be considered “terrorists.” I am sure that the brainwashed snowflakes in the U.S. feel just as terrorized by “blasphemers” Charles Murray and Milo Yiannopoulos, and if the little college nazi-wannabes don’t like free speech they ought to give Pakistan a try.

But there may be hope. Harvard faculty members have signed a statement endorsing “freedom of expression.” Yay. And how many out of Harvard’s 2,400 faculty members have signed this brave statement? (Answer: 11 — ooooh. They really mean business.)

Meanwhile, Statebook Facebook still maintains its double standard, banning Christans and Bible passages in discussions of homosexuality while allowing assassination threats toward the U.S. President, and allowing statements such as calling for white women to be hunted and killed. Good ol’ Facebook.

And apparently there is the issue of black girls mysteriously missing in the Washington, D.C. area. The politically incorrect truth, according to this WND article, is that they are mostly runaways and they are running away from their abusive, single mothers. The girls are running away from abuse, and they don’t want to return. But we’re not allowed to tell the truth about that. (If we get rid of government welfare enabled by government theft of private wealth, and re-privatize charity, there will be fewer abusive single mothers, that’s for sure. But it would be politically incorrect of me to say that.)

Back to freedom of speech. Another example of how the college totalitarians view speech or expression as criminal but actual physical aggression as justified, is at Hampshire College, in which Hispanic students offended by some basketball players wearing braids (claiming “cultural appropriation”) attacked those players. Thankfully, the emotionally troubled violent attackers were charged with assault and battery.

Many times now, “social justice” warriors who physically attack and assault peaceful, innocent people, are not arrested and charged with assault. So we have stupid college professors (and primary and secondary school teachers) out there promoting this crap and teaching the kids that harmless speech (words or displays or images) is intolerable and criminal, while actually starting fights, initiating aggression and physically hurting others is tolerable and justified.

The kids are being literally brainwashed to believe that inflicting violence on peaceful, innocent people is permissible. It’s nuts.

In contrast to the PC garbage and SJW crapola that the government schools are feeding the kids, there are some kids who have escaped all that by being homeschooled, such as Patrice Lewis’s kids. Lewis gives a very good 4.0 report card on her kids’ post-high school college or career success.

One big influence on the impressionable snowflake youngsters, besides the teachers and professors, has been our political “leaders,” such as George W. Bush starting two wars of aggression, against Iraq and Afghanistan, two countries that didn’t attack us, and weren’t threatening to do so. Bush and his apologists gave the message that “preemptive” war is permissible. And now Donald Trump is going along with those similar neocon-chickenhawk aggressions, or threats thereof. Trump is now as barbaric and savage as he promised he would be, according to Glenn Greenwald. (Trump hasn’t murdered as many innocents as were murdered during the World War II firebombing of Tokyo, but it looks as though he’s trying.)

But it’s politically incorrect for us to tell the truth about our government’s “national security” bureaucrats. To many of the same people who make fun of today’s political correctness and the SJWs, showing disloyalty to our rulers at a time of crisis is “unpatriotic,” i.e. politically incorrect. (But it’s politically incorrect for me to point that out, as well.)

As Future of Freedom Foundation President Jacob Hornberger wrote in 2012, “The statist version of patriotism entails citizens who rally to their government in time of crisis… (In contrast), we say that genuine patriotism entails a critical analysis of government conduct, especially during crises, and a willingness to take a firm stand against the government if it is in the wrong.”

And boy, has our government been in the wrong, many times.

Bush’s justification for Afghanistan was that the Taliban wouldn’t hand over Osama bin Laden, despite that Bush had no evidence of bin Laden involvement in 9/11, evidence which the Taliban insisted be shown for extradition. And Bush’s justification for Iraq was his made-up WMD story and the alleged connection between bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. But even worse, prior to 9/11 Bush’s father George H.W. Bush started his war of aggression against Iraq in 1991, intentionally bombing civilian water and sewage treatment centers and imposing sanctions to prevent the Iraqi civilian population from rebuilding, which caused them to have to use untreated water, and which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

Actual violence is only justified in cases of actual self defense. So Bush the Elder should not have invaded and bombed the crap out of Iraq in 1991, and the same goes for Bush the Younger in 2003, and Afghanistan in 2001. (Look what we have now because of all that.)

Extreme nationalists and “conservatives” still defend these immoral and murderous actions of initiated violence against innocents.

Many of them actually believe that most of the recent terrorist attacks have been by Muslims, but that is not the case. Because most of the Press mainly regurgitate everything the gubmint tells them without researching and investigating, they have been overreporting on the Muslim-instigated attacks, and underreporting on the non-Muslim-instigated attacks. I have heard many of the hysterical conservatives on the radio, and their loyal dittoheads, hysterically say things like, “The Muslims hate us and they want to kill us!” etc., etc., etc. Well, that may well be. You’d probably want to kill people whose government has been bombing your lands and murdering your family members or your countrymen for 25 years, no? Thanks to George H.W. Bush for poking the hornets’ nests of such a primitive and barbaric culture to begin with. (But it’s politically incorrect for me to point these things out because the truth doesn’t follow the government propaganda narrative that most of the sheeple believe.)

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