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It’s Not About “Health Care,” It’s About Control

As I have written in two different articles now, ObamaCare should have been repealed in its entirety, and not replaced. However, the recently defeated Paul Ryan-Trump-ObamaCare 2.0 bill wasn’t even necessary because of Trump’s earlier executive order to not enforce some important parts of ObamaCare, as pointed out by Robert Wenzel.

But among many problems with it, that new Paul Ryan bill would have retained the original ObamaCare gun control provision, according to Gun Owners of America. Besides all the other awful aspects of TrumpRyanCare, the original gun provision apparently allowed the ATF and any other law enforcement agencies to go through citizens’ medical records (with medical records including not just physicians records but psychiatrists and other counseling records as well), for whatever purposes they could concoct or rationalize.

In January 2013, after his reelection and after the December 2012 Sandy Hook School shooting, Barack Obama imposed a list of executive orders regarding guns, as part of his and the control-obsessed gubmint-worshipers’ disarmament agenda. On the list was this order #16: “Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.”

As I had been saying for many years now, the more involvement the government has in the people’s private medical matters, and the more access via your medical providers that government bureaucrats have into your private life, the less safe, secure (and, I would argue, the less healthy), you will be. That is because as doctors become reporters to bureaucrats on their patients’ private matters, and the doctors become more dependent on the government for their reimbursements (in order just to make a living), the more those doctors will become bureaucrats themselves.

And that’s the bottom line for me. “Dr. Bureaucrat” and so on.

The innocent commoners of the old Soviet Union (as opposed to the new Soviet Union, USSA) suffered a great deal at the hands of their government doctors. Of course, when doctors are essentially de facto employees of the government, we will have a much lower quality group of doctors. And of course those government doctors will have no problem reporting on their patients for whatever trivial reason, involving gun ownership, or involving any controversial group memberships, philosophical or political ideologies, or whatever. (A good reason to never tell your doctor anything too personal or something about you that could be controversial.)

Such an atmosphere of distrust is not good for anyone’s health. Supposedly the ObamaCare crowd are concerned about our “health.” Or are they?

No, not really. When social activists very enthusiastically want the gubmint to take control over the health care system and your medical matters, it is not “for your own good,” as some people suggest.

Rather, it is all about control. It is easier for those extremely covetous people to control you when they have access into and legal, compulsory control over your private life. One’s medical matters are a very personal and important part of one’s private life, that’s for sure.

And many in the GOP (Grand Old Progressives) are a part of that government-intrusion crowd who loves control over the lives of the masses, over the lives of their neighbors. So time and again we are reminded that Repugnicons can never be trusted, and this has been another one of those times. Will the “conservatives” ever learn? If we went back in time to 2012, would the conservatives out there have reconsidered Ron Paul?

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