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“Making America Great Again” by Making It Less and Less Free, Trump Edition

The bestselling Australian children’s book author Mem Fox, 70, was detained by U.S. border control bureaucrats for over 90 minutes. “I have never in my life been spoken to with such insolence, treated with such disdain, with so many insults and with so much gratuitous impoliteness.” According to the Guardian, “Fox said she was shocked by her treatment and ‘couldn’t imagine’ returning to the US.”

Donald Trump has unleashed and “unshackled” border control agents to act like bullies, tyrants and barbarians, just like their cohorts in the TSA.

Here is Bloomberg with a story on the high probability that Trump’s immigration crackdown will attract many, many lawsuits.

And I hope they do. Give the criminal bureaucrats a hard time and clog the courts. It may make them think otherwise about their program of harassing innocent people.

So Trump’s initial travel ban has caused flights to the U.S. to decline by 6.5%, and is possibly causing a nearly $200 million loss in business travel, and causing a “rippling effect on traveler confidence,” according to the Global Business Travel Association.

A lot of foreigners now will not want to travel to the U.S., for business or pleasure. Like Trump’s predecessors Bush and Obama, Trump who says he will “make America great again” is beginning the further decline of what really was once a great country that immigrants and travelers came to in droves. But no longer.

You see, this is exactly what happens when socialists like Donald Trump impose restrictions on otherwise peaceful, non-criminal behavior, such as restrictions on travel or disrupting the lives of workers who didn’t happen to get a bureaucrat’s permission to travel and make a living where opportunities exist. Worse than just socialist, Donald Trump is a national socialist. His emotional and mystical nationalism motivates him to give out orders and intrude himself and his minions into the lives of innocent people. Not good.

And if you think all these government bureaucratic and armed intrusions and threats against innocent people, innocent travelers and workers alike, will only affect “foreigners” and “illegal immigrants,” think again. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, American citizens who are not suspected of being “illegal” are being unlawfully arrested and their lives terrorized and threatened, and others are being unlawfully and unconstitutionally searched including bodily searched without reasonable suspicion, which I believe is what cell phone searches and the retina scan amount to, quite frankly.

Jeff Tucker, of the Foundation for Economic Education and prominent libertarian speaker and writer, has written of his recent experience traveling out of the U.S. And his experience specifically was to do with American citizens leaving the U.S., not entering. He writes,

In the late 19th century, the apotheosis of the liberal age, there were no passports. You could travel anywhere in the world through whatever means you could find. Nationalism unleashed by World War I ended that.

Can you imagine coming and going as you pleased? Without anyone stopping you or worse. That’s part of what’s known as “freedom,” which apparently many Americans now thoroughly reject, because many Americans are brainwashed sheeple.

But they do love their Dear Leader, Donald Trump.

It was only a matter of time, especially since 9/11/2001, that many Americans are now getting a taste of the old Soviet Union and other totalitarian regimes. When an individual is required to get a government’s permission to leave the country, as well as to enter, or permission to enter certain professions or to do a home construction project, such controls will lead to their inevitably totalitarian conclusion. Donald Trump is escalating the road to totalitarianism in Amerika, and many people here ignorantly support it.

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