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Some Articles on “Fake News,” the Left’s Intolerance, Warmongers, etc.

Now that I’ve had some time, I can go through all these items I’ve had bookmarked for a while and get caught up.

But first I wanted to mention how fun it is to read and hear about all the government lapdogs of the mainstream media exposing themselves as the utterly biased and ignorant fools they are. I heard someone interviewed yesterday on a Bloomberg Radio rebroadcast of one of the Sunday shows, I think it was ABC This Week with George Snuffleupagus interviewing Reince Priebus. And George kept repeating the claim that “17 different intelligence agencies” say that Russia hacked and manipulated U.S. elections. Like other media ignoramuses, he kept repeating that “17” in the same hypnotized way that many people repeat the fraudulent “97% of climate scientists claim…” etc., etc. And yet George and the other moonbat media morons don’t seem to mention that the CIA/Washington Post claims haven’t made any reference to actual evidence to support their claims that are also based on anonymous sources.

That’s just one example, and we’ve seen those WikiLeaks-released emails and so forth exposing media-Democrat-Clinton collusion in rigging the primaries, debates and elections against Bernie Sanders, and the media subservience to the Clintons and other criminals and useless bureaucrats. Let them all be exposed, I say.

And here are some interesting articles I’ve seen over the past few weeks.

Ron Paul says that the war on “fake news” is a part of the war on free speech. “None of those wringing their hands over fake news have expressed any concern over the fake news stories that helped lead to the Iraq War. Those fake news stories led to the destabilizing of the Middle East, the rise of ISIS, and the deaths of millions.”

Scott Greenfield says that the American Bar Association has died, with the cause of death being its president Linda Klein who says the ABA will “fight hate speech” and “those who support it through word or deed.” (I guess I’m guilty of “hate speech.” I hate intolerant censorship promoters.)

Breitbart with an article on NPR who wants no more live interviews of conservatives.

Joe Wolverton discusses the importance of presumption of innocence.

Becky Akers says, “Living free means we must utterly reject a professional soldiery by whatever name; instead, we ourselves must defend our families and homes when necessary. It also demands that most Americans—not all, mind you, but a proportion sizeable enough to defang the socialists, communists, Progressives and other loonies—cherish a devout commitment to liberty as well as an unyielding hostility to the legalized compulsion, corruption, and cruelty that is the government.”

Anti-Media with an article on mathematicians proving that society is too complex to have a President.

Tho Bishop on the left’s embrace of secession. (Yay.)

Jim Davies has some suggestions for Donald Trump.

Don Boudreaux has some questions for Trump and other protectionists and mercantilists.

Jake Desyllas says that immigration controls are socialist.

Washington’s Blog explains how corporate media are pro-war.

Dahr Jamail accuses Trump’s pick for Sec. of Defense James Mattis of war crimes in Iraq.

Jacob Hornberger discusses the horrific consequences of the U.S. government’s foreign interventionism.

James Bovard on Janet Waco’s authoritarian legacy and 20 years of dictatorial democracy.

Thomas DiLorenzo on the truth about urban central planning bureaucrats.

Marc Faber says that central banksters created our problems, not the rich.

Wendy McElroy discusses America’s plunge from republic to empire.

Ryan McMaken on the trouble with eminent domain.

Jacob Huebert on Chicago’s unconstitutional Airbnb ordinance.

Laurence Vance on the trouble with government licensing.

Sheldon Richman reviews Gary Chartier’s book on love, marriage and the State.

Robert Dodge says that nuclear weapons should be abolished.

Jason Sorens is skeptical of Will Wilkinson’s conclusion that deregulation is enough to shrink government while leaving the welfare state alone. In my view, the welfare state, which includes Social Security, Medicare, and crony corporate welfare, is funded involuntarily by the workers and producers of society via tax-thefts, therefore it is immoral, criminal, and should be abolished.

And Julie Fidler on what happens when healthy people are given antidepressants.

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