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Our Screwed Up, Dysfunctional Society

Patrice Lewis has this article titled, How Grinchy parents steal Christmas, regarding ideologically fanatical parents who give their boys Barbie dolls and give their girls trucks, etc.

No, it’s all about suppressing genetic normalcy and molding children into something the feminists approve of. Is it really empowering to deny boys and girls the kind of toys they would enjoy just to demonstrate how enlightened and post-sexist you are?

This attitude is bad enough for girls, but it’s devastating for boys. More than that, it’s designed to make children, girls and especially boys, emasculated wimps fit only for safe rooms and gender activism. These gender Nazis want children to march to the drum of the agenda, an agenda which states children must hate and fight against their innate unique biological traits and strengths.

So how does this affect society as a whole? It screws people up, that’s how.

“Gender Nazis.” Heh.

So I guess the social justice warriors are for self-hatred, self-denial, and self-punishment. Although that’s probably not what they think. They’re brainwashed social justice warriors, so they think they are do-gooders, based on the ideology they are brainwashed with.

But this refusal to deal with the basic differences between male and female has led our culture toward a lot of social dysfunction, dysfunctional marriages and just overall dysfunctional relationships in general.

Related to the issue that Patrice Lewis brought up, in my view, is that teenagers are starting to become sexually active at way too young an age. The older people in their lives, the older siblings, older friends or even parents who are encouraging the younger ones to be sexually active too soon, are actually initiating the process of distorting the youngins’ comfort with intimacy and emotional connection with others later in life.

There was also this article in the End of the American Dream blog a few years ago mentioning that 25% of teen girls has a sexually transmitted disease while 24% of STD-infected teens in the U.S. still has unprotected sex. The article blames the “sexual revolution” and a promiscuous culture. (Ya think?) The “sexual revolution,” by the way, really advanced in the 1960s and ’70s with Helen Reddy’s “Hear Me Roar” and the bra-burners, and the Roe v. Wade abortion decision. And now the degenerates of Planned Parenthood recently published a pamphlet encouraging teenagers or young adults with HIV to hide that fact from their prospective sexual partners. So there is the deceitfulness among some in the early-sex-promoting industry.

And now we have the “transgender” stuff.

I think it really is a form of child abuse for adults with a warped gender agenda to force their gender or transgender fanaticism onto their little kids who are still growing and developing emotionally and psychologically. In most cases, children who express behaviors associated with the opposite gender will grow out of it during childhood. And yes that would be just a temporary phase, not a sign that they are “transgender.” I have only heard of this “transgender” phenomenon two or three years ago for the first time. It’s another one of those made-up things that a lot of people are being brainwashed to believe, unfortunately.

Related to those issues, Mac Slavo says that America’s national birthrate is at its lowest level on record, and because of that, Social Security is doomed. (Perhaps too many parents are destroying their kids’ natural instincts and drives to reproduce in the future?) Actually, many people now can’t afford to bring up children, because the gubmint thieves keep stealing their earnings away from them, or impose these fascist and socialist regulations, mandates and diktats which cause distortions in the economy. Slavo notes that many of today’s “millennials” are already having a tough time moving out of their parents’ homes. How will they handle providing for themselves when their parents are no longer around, when they don’t have adult children of their own to help them, or when their government’s own social programs are bankrupt?

Besides the emotional, sexual, and financial dysfunction among today’s young people, there is the educational dysfunction they have been subjected to, including how political correctness is also attacking them viciously. For instance, recently two Framingham, Massachusetts high schools had their hockey teams’ entire season canceled because of the alleged anti-Semitic comments in the locker rooms made by some of the students. The Framingham high school administrators stated that the teams consisted of a “toxic and negative culture.”

Actually, it is the school administrative and bureaucratic culture that is “toxic and negative” these days, in my view.

I guess the nitwit administrators took after Harvard’s cancelling the soccer team’s whole season because of its association with a document making sexually explicit comments about members of the women’s soccer team, among other examples, that was written about recently by Kyle Smith in the NY Post. (Hmm, wasn’t it always that way in high school and college? We’re talking about a bunch of greasy, zit-faced adolescents here, not “grown adults” like Barack Obama, Anthony Weiner, and … Donald Trump…)

Yes, all these issues are related. So thanks to the dumbing down of our society, as I wrote about just recently, and the irrationality coming from today’s “leaders,” society is very dysfunctional now. And I hope that changes, for the better.

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