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Nice to See the Hysterics Exposing the Establishment and Media, But Trump Reality Must Be Acknowledged

Lew Rockwell has an article on the ongoing anti-Trump hysteria. He says that Donald Trump is not a libertarian and the Trump years will probably “include their share of statist idiocy and outrages.” But he states that the “discomfort and horror” of the left and the establishment is “something to cheer.”

I’m glad that some people are able to look at the bright side of all this. I also enjoy seeing how the hysterical leftist activists, the race-obsessed, and the establishment crony parasites are losing their minds over this election (whatever “mind” they might have had to begin with).

The hysterical ones are even willing to cling to this anti-Russia stuff that I thought was supposedly ended by the early 1990s when the Soviet Union collapsed. Now, the progressives are anti-Russia while the conservatives are more sympathetic. So it seems. The anti-Trumpers are so hysterical they are blindly and obediently taking the word of the CIA in the same way that the national security hardliners and the regime’s judicial rubber-stampers do. (For instance, these two op-eds in the Boston Globe today, “Donald Trump’s master in Moscow,”and “The Siberian candidate.”)

The hysterical ones seem to be eating up what the Washington Post and other establishment rags have been writing about “Russia hacking the DNC on behalf of Trump” as The Truth, with no evidence to support the claim. But, as Ryan McMaken observed, the CIA has always been incompetent. There are other explanations for the DNC hacks and leaks, other than the mainstream media’s repetitive mantra, “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

So there is some good about the fact that Hillary lost the election (supposedly — we’ll know more on December 19th when the Electoral College votes), and, as Lew Rockwell noted, “Trump’s election destroyed two American crime families in one fell swoop: the Clintons and the Bushes.” Well, I don’t know if they were “destroyed,” but the criminal racket known as the Clinton Foundation has been exposed, that’s for sure. I am nevertheless not reassured by Trump’s pick of various Establishment Goldman Sachs types and warmonger military generals, and the corrupt fascist anti-immigration drug warrior police-statist Jeff Sessions to be attorney general. He’s bad news for America, and for freedom. Yup.

Someone else who is a bit more pessimistic (or realistic, that is), Jacob Hornberger writes about the coming economic fascism under Trump, citing the Carrier pigeon air conditioner company deal with Indiana. Hornberger notes that in a free society the people follow the rule of law, and not the “rule of men.” Under the rule of men, we have a “system in which the political authorities have the power to issue orders or offer inducements to people and businesses in order to get them to do what the rulers want them to do.”

But in a free society, as Hornberger notes,

Under principles of economic liberty, private property, and the free market, people have the fundamental, God-given right to establish and move their business operations anywhere they want. That’s because it’s their business and their money, not society’s, not the government’s, and not the workers’.

What if American workers lose their jobs in the process? Then, they lose their jobs. No one has has a right to a job with Carrier or with anyone else. If such right existed, everyone could show up at everyone else’s door and demand, “Give me a job. I have a right to force you to employ me with your money.”

What do the terms “free market” or “free enterprise” mean? They mean markets or enterprises that are free of government control, regulation, and taxation.

Now, besides the lack of economic freedom from Donald Trump already even before he becomes President, there is the freedom of speech issue.

If you think that just because Donald Trump has spoken out against political correctness and therefore he is for freedom of speech, think again. I think that freedom of speech, freedom of thought and conscience and freedom of expression, freedom of the Press, and the right to express criticism of the ruling bureaucrats, are such fundamentally important rights, that that is probably why the writers of the Bill of Rights made all that a part of their very first Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I am not sure just how devoted Trump will be to tolerating the freedom of the Press, protests, and dissent, when in the past he has taken people to court to sue them for libel or to otherwise shut them up.

The Freedom of the Press Foundation’s Trevor Timm has expressed some pessimism in his review of Obama’s laying the groundwork for Trump’s possible “coming crackdown on the Press.” Timm doesn’t include the word “possible,” but I’m putting that in there because it’s only possible (maybe even probable) that Trump will crack down on the Press. But we can’t tell the future.

And these are further reasons against the centralizing of power as we have here in Soviet Amerika. We would be better off without Washington, and without a President. The whole thing is a game, I think. If you really stop and think about it, having a centralized ruler having that much power over 300 million people spanning a territory of several million square miles? Really?

So, there are reasons to enjoy the huge exposing and collapse of the progressives-media-establishment complex. But regarding Trump, I hope he has some sort of light-bulb moment, in which he realizes or learns that what made America great in the first place was the freedom that was a major part of its founding, such as those freedoms mentioned in the Bill of Rights. He’s not going to make America great by further strengthening the powers of government and further increasing its reach into the lives of the people, because that is exactly how America became less and less great over the past century.

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