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I Was Wrong on Election Prediction, But I Was Right About Trump

Where did I go wrong in my predictions that Donald Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton in a near-50-state landslide, and that there would be down-ballot losses for Republicans because of Trump’s nomination, none of which happened?

Well, maybe it’s because I listen to Michael Medved and Steve Deace too much? They made similar predictions. I think I just didn’t see the extent of the anti-federal government sentiment of the people in general, and I didn’t see just how much the people would be bamboozled into thinking that Donald Trump was the “anti-Establishment” candidate.

And also, I think that FBI director James Comey’s last-minute Hillary email announcements contributed to helping to sink Hillary, in addition to already the corruption with her Foundation in the news, and the weeks leading up to the election of WikiLeaks Clinton campaign-news media emails that exposed the Clinton-Establishment-Media-Complex. Because of those issues, many people held their noses and voted for Trump.

But I was NOT wrong about Trump not being an “anti-Establishment” candidate. He is NOT “anti-Establishment,” not by a long shot. The writing has been on the wall for years regarding Trump’s Establishment credentials. He has been extremely supportive of Establishment candidates both verbally and financially all these years. I don’t think he has ever donated money to an anti-Establishment candidate. He certainly didn’t donate to Ron Paul, or even Rand Paul for crying out loud! All these years with him, it’s been nothing but expressions of support for Big Government, big-spending projects including the Wall Street Bailout, and so on. Yes, he really sucks when you get right down to it.

And now, so far he is picking all these Establishment figures to be a part of his administration, the Goldman Sachs banksters, the Washington insider schmucks and so on.

So, look forward to more government deficit spending, higher national debt, bigger and bigger Big Government and more intrusiveness, more police state, and more foreign aggressions overseas. More rearranging of deck chairs.

So, I was wrong about the election, but I was right about Donald Trump.

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