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Terrorism Is Part of the Blowback of Western Governments’ Aggressions and Atrocities

The blogosphere and twitterverse are exploding with reactions to the latest terror attack in France, the truck that drove through a big crowd of people attending Bastille Day festivities and killed 84 people and injured many more.

Will Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed now be filing legislation to ban trucks?

No, but we can bet that the police statists out there who love the DHS and TSA will be increasing their police state, martial law uselessness by stopping trucks for “inspection” and illegal searches without suspicion.

Justin Raimondo and Veronique de Rugy note that France has been in a “state of emergency” since the January 2015 Charlie Hebdo attacks, with such conditions “enabling arrest without evidence,” according to Justin. It looks like such a “state of emergency” not only didn’t stop the November 2015 Paris stadium and concert hall attacks that killed 130 and injured many others, but it didn’t stop this new truck-driving attack.

In fact, according to the Daily Mail, the truck driver had been parked in that area for 9 hours before being questioned by police, stating that he was there to “deliver ice cream.”

Nine hours? And they left him alone, while the crowds enjoyed their festivities.

So obviously a “State of Emergency” with martial law and suspension of unalienable rights doesn’t prevent these kinds of attacks.

A lot of people in the blogosphere and twitterverse are saying, “When will we learn?” and so on. What they really mean, because they already know what the real cause of all this is: No, not radicalized Islamist ideology, which does exist, but blowback. For instance, the November Paris attacks were in retaliation against France’s military bombings in Syria and Iraq. The terrorist attacks in these specific areas are blowback against Western governments for their invasions, occupations, bombings and murders of innocents and destruction of their countries.

But the neocons and the talk radio chickenhawks like Hugh Hewitt don’t see that. I really like Steve Deace’s talk of unalienable rights and having policies which keep with moral scruples. But then this morning I hear him interview the neocon crackpot Robert Spencer. It’s like the neocons and chickenhawks, like the Bushes who started wars of aggression, sanctions, and caused blowback in Iraq and Afghanistan and other Muslim countries, are living in a totally different universe of non-reality, of ignorance.

I could say that all this wouldn’t be happening if George H.W. Bush hadn’t started his war of aggression against Iraq in 1991 and imposed sanctions, with more bombings and sanctions continued by Bill Clinton throughout the 199os, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents by the year 2000 leading up to 9/11. Just as all the conflicts real or imagined with Iran wouldn’t be going on, and the Iranian Revolution and American hostages taken by Iranians all wouldn’t have happened, had our CIA not instigated a coup in Iran and propped up the new Shah regime from the 1950s through 1979. We would have also been better off if the U.S. government hadn’t aided and supported the Saddam Hussein regime in its war against Iran throughout the 1980s. It would also help if our government would stop supporting al-Qaeda, ISIS, MeK, and other terrorist organizations.

So the blowback of terrorism against the West has been caused by the idiot psychopathic bureaucrats of the U.S. government and other Western governments. But authoritarians who love their government rulers continue to live in their little authoritarian statist world of government-worship, and they refuse to question those kinds of aggressive government policies. That’s my observation of all that.

And the answer is to stop doing all those things. End the bombings, the occupations, the murders of innocents, and close down each and every U.S. military base in those areas. If you stop acting belligerently and invasively against your neighbors, then they will have no reasons to retaliate.

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