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More Court Approval of Police-Criminals

The 8-member U.S. Supreme Court ruled that even though government police officers violate the law when stopping motorists at random and without suspicion or for any traffic-violation related reason, such police who stop the citizen-victim can still arrest him for outstanding traffic warrants or if they find drugs in the car or on the citizen-victim’s person.

It was a 5-3 decision, in which “liberal” Stephen Breyer voted with the 4 authoritarians, now known as “conservatives.” (I wonder who’s blackmailing Justice Breyer now. His joining them just doesn’t make any sense, given his record. It seems to be the way all those J. Edgar Hoovers in Washington seem to be doing things now. Why else but blackmail would Chief Justice John Roberts twice incoherently rubber-stamp ObamaCare?)

The above is a Fox News story, and in the comments there are the usual simple-minded neanderthal reactions to the dissenting justices. “I have no worries,,, i have no warrants,,, and i respect the law,,, only liberal Trash dont like this ruling” and “Pay your tickets.” are some of the responses.

Sadly, thanks to 12 years of government schooling, police-worshiping authoritarians don’t understand why it is important that government agents follow rules as specified in the Constitution, why due process and “reasonable suspicion” are important. So with the Social Justice Warriors out there having a big influence on public policy, the speech police, and plenty of other examples of the Sovietizing of Amerika, the conservatives are next to be targeted by police pulling them over for no good reason (having a Trump bumper sticker, etc.) and they will regret supporting these pro-police state decisions. Pat Buchanan may be on to something in his concern about a declining white population. Will a future majority of police be people of color, and thus be pulling over white people for no good reason to harass and terrorize them, as it has been the other way around for years? And now that just about all your personal, private information is in government databases, everything will be fair game for all over-zealous police, such as if you are behind in child support, if you owe credit card companies, etc. It isn’t just a matter of “I pay my parking tickets, I have nothing to worry about,” so conservatives should think twice about supporting expanded police powers in violation of Constitutional rules, in Obama-Hillary’s Amerika.

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