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Ted Cruz Confused About Private Property Rights

There is a new anti-Trump ad promoting Ted Cruz. The ad criticizes Trump for his use of eminent domain, using the government to steal private property from its rightful owners against their will.

But Ted Cruz is a main supporter of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which will require the use of eminent domain for it to actually be constructed, and Cruz knows this.

Eminent Domain Fight Has a Canadian Twist

Keystone XL Construction Draws Opposition From Texas Landowners

Keystone XL company files eminent domain papers against Nebraska landowners

TransCanada Fails To Bully Nebraska Landowners With Keystone Pipeline Eminent Domain Lawsuit

Here is Jon Stewart, via The Week, on Ted Cruz’s hypocrisy in his alleged support for “private property rights.” The Ted Cruz part starts at about 2:50.

Conservatives are not for private property rights, they are for Big Government power and centralization, and central planning. That is one reason why Ted Cruz (and Donald Trump, who isn’t a conservative) is confused about private property vs. the collectivism which he seems to be indoctrinated to believe in.

Energy production should be decentralized, and get the government out of it completely!

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