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Some More Great Reasons to Vote for Marco Stupido

Marco Rubio wants to “prosecute” the Oregon Wildlife Refuge occupiers, the Bundys and their mishpocheh. But, he said, don’t murder them (like the gubmint did at Waco), “We’re not going to treat them like an invading army from a foreign country.” Actually the “invaders” are the U.S. government which itself occupies a large chunk of territory it does not legitimately own. But I don’t expect Rubio, who wants the U.S. government to occupy lands all over the world, to actually understand any of that.

Here is Marco Stupido giving a prepared speech, and discovering that he misplaced the last page. He has to ask someone to hand him the last page so he can finish the speech. Most professionals have a better grasp on what they are speaking about and already understand their basic summary and conclusion, and would just “wing it” when losing their place in a speech. But no, Marco shows that like Barack Obama he needs either a teleprompter or his handlers nearby to help him. And worse, in this case Marco Stupido tells the whole world, “I left the last page of my speech. Does anybody have the last page?”

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