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Orwellian Educrat Nutsos

In the People’s Republic of Newton, Massachusetts, they are considering starting school later in the morning, like as late as 9:00 am. “Based on science,” and so on, the young little shavers and shavettes are having a tough time getting going in the morning, and it’s affecting their concentration and grades. Aw.

So, let’s allow them to sleep later in the morning. Hmm, have they considered trying to be a little more disciplined? You know, like going to bed a little earlier? Like rather than 10 or 11 PM, how about 9 or 9:30?

And there are other factors that are interfering with the kids’ ability to get more sleep at night and concentrate during the day. Such as, in addition to the hours and hours of staring at a TV screen like we used to do when we were kids, they also spend hours and hours staring into their computer screens and their little gadgets, their iPhones and so on. In addition to all this they have been turned into zombies by all the chemicals being fed into them with prescription drugs and vaccines.

But instead of adjusting their behaviors and habits and being more disciplined, they will now be allowed to sleep later in the morning. Oh, that’ll help to condition them for a good 9-5 career, in which you have to be at the office before 9, and many cases it’s 8:30 or 8:00. Oh wait, let’s start the work day at 11:00 AM so we can get up later in the morning, so we can stay up later (and party). Yup.

And this Newton, Massachusetts is the one in which the new $200 million “Taj Mahal” high school was built.

And for what? Is it worth it, given the nonsense going on in government schools these days?

Well, things are different now in the USSA than they were when I was in school.

Today, victims of the government schools are indoctrinated with political correctness, and are being taught made-up definitions of words. Now the young think they are “bullied” or “triggered” by mere innocent words. The young are being indoctrinated to want to silence others who disagree with them. They want to repeal the First Amendment. They are being made to support jailing skeptics of global warming or climate change. They are also being misdiagnosed and mislabeled and poisoned with the aforementioned legal prescription drugs. They are being conditioned to stay dependent on mothers well past high school, even past college. They are being made to fear being on their own, making their own way in life. In other words, the young are being driven crazy by our schools and our crazy culture now. It’s nuts now.

When I was growing up, as a kid I could walk down the street and not be harassed, picked up and detained by a “concerned” policeman who doesn’t believe that a 6-year-old is safe walking down the street to his friend’s house. Nowadays, the sniveling sheeple have fabricated this myth that children are not safe going it alone, when in fact they are perfectly safe.

There are Nazi neighbors who now call the police if they see a child playing alone in his own front yard while his mother is inside. It is those dangerous neighbors who should be arrested and charged with endangerment, not the good parents who let their kids have some freedom.

And in the old days a child could have a lemonade stand and not be harassed by freedom-hating, America-hating “law” enforcers. Adults could own and operate a small business and not have to pay a tribute to the local commissar bureaucrats. And adults could withdraw any amount of their own money from their own bank account and not be arrested for it! But not in today’s socialist prison society of Amerika.

I think things went downhill when Jimmy Carter imposed the federal Department of Education on the people.

9/11 wasn’t helpful either, as I noted in this post.

Conclusion: Separation of education and State!

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