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The Village Voice reruns a major 1979 exposé on Donald Trump (and Part 2) by Wayne Barrett. (Quote from current article describing the 1979 article it reprints: “Far from an independent capitalist, Barrett showed, Trump was a businessman who relied heavily on government largesse. ‘This is a guy whose wealth has been created by political connections,’ Barrett says today. And at the time the story was published, even Trump’s political connections came secondhand, through his father.”)

Signs of the Times with an article on Woodie Guthrie’s view of the Trumps Empire’s racist foundations.

Justin Raimondo analyzes the meaning of Trump.

Charles Burris discusses the Constitutional Convention big con.

Sheldon Richman on the Constitution revisited.

Laurence Vance discusses the truth about taxes.

William Grigg on the importance of a fully informed jury.

Don Boudreaux says the real problem is power itself, not who controls it.

Dahr Jamail with an article on the U.S. Navy using Americans as pawns in domestic war games.

Ron Paul on when peace breaks out with Iran…

Dan Sanchez discusses humiliation and herd-think.

John Whitehead on the right to tell the government to go to Hell.

Doug Casey asks, Why do we need government?

Anthony Wile interviews Brandon Smith on the advantages of barter and localism.

Mac Slavo on how the recent winter storm shows how quickly society can break down.

Washington’s Blog details the U.S. government’s history of propaganda against the American people.

Nick Giambruno asks, Are capital controls on the horizon in the U.S.?

Ron Unz asks, Will Harvard become free and fair?

Walter Block answers some libertarian questions.

Ryan McMaken discusses the un-PC Lego making toys girls like.

Bionic Mosquito on what some people were brought up to believe.

Brad says, Be your own social media.

And Bill Sardi asks, What happened to this year’s flu season?

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