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More on Eminent Domain

I wanted to add a little more to my post on eminent domain and Ted Cruz’s lack of understanding of it. In the clip of Jon Stewart pointing out Cruz’s hypocrisy, Cruz seems to be trying to say that as long as the U.S. Constitution’s Fifth Amendment is followed, such as the reasons why the government wants to steal someone’s rightfully owned property away from them, those reasons being for “public” use but not private use, then it’s okay.

As long as the Constitution is followed. No, unfortunately there are those who are statists and who just don’t understand the moral underpinnings of private property rights. It doesn’t matter what the government’s reasons are for stealing private property from someone, to give it to poor people, the needy, the general public, for use for roads or a pipeline, or to give it over to politically connected developers. If the owner of the property doesn’t want to sell it, or to give it to anyone, then it can’t be taken, morally. Taking something from others involuntarily is stealing. It is theft. It is robbery. And that’s what that is. And it’s immoral. Doesn’t matter what the Constitution says.

The idea of unalienable rights is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, and among those rights are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Statists on the left and right don’t seem to understand those rights. The Declaration should have mentioned property, but didn’t for some reason. If you buy property with your own money then you own it. 100%.

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