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In 2016 Election for President, No Candidates Promoting Freedom

Besides the Democrats, Hillary and the communist “democratic Socialist” Bernie Sanders, we have very childish sniveling morons on the Republican side, such as Trump who can’t face a smart lady such as Megyn Kelly, and so he runs and hides like a baby. Oh, she’s not treating me fairly! he cries. What is he, a little college cupcake, feeling triggered?

I know, some people are saying that Trump is right to boycott the debate based on Roger Ailes’s snide comments in their Fox press release. But the office of President is not the Boy Scouts, Donald. As Joan Rivers would say, “Grow up!”

And Glenn Beck formally endorsed Ted Cruz now. In a fit of irrationality, Beck tweeted, “The Presidency is not just a man, it is principles.” And, Beck tweeted, “I have prayed for the next George Washington — I believe I have found him (in Ted Cruz).” So this is really the Twilight Zone now.

“Principles”?  Like, let’s “carpet bomb” whole areas as Cruz wants to do, and kill innocent human beings? Good principles there. “The next George Washington”? (As Mr. Creosote might say, “Get me a bucket!”)

And there’s Cruz, who, like Trump, is good at manipulating the emotions of collectivists and nationalists and the evangelicals. But it seems that just about everyone hates Ted Cruz, going back to his college days. He’s “creepy” is the common theme.

My own problem with Cruz and Trump (as with ALL the other candidates) is their emotion-packed collectivist way of thinking. Cruz refers to “criminal aliens,” in reference to non-criminals who are fleeing tyranny, fleeing violent drug lords and child sex-traffickers. He would send children back to tyranny and sex-trafficking, based on petty bureaucratic “laws” concocted by central planners. That isn’t what a “good Christian” would do, which is what Cruz claims to be.

And both Trump and Cruz want to build a government wall that will eventually be used to keep the people in, not out. (Perhaps they already know that?) But the gullible emotion-driven sheeple hear “build a wall” and they love it!

Trump and Cruz dare not utter the real solutions to the problems of those dregs of other societies migrating to good ol’ USSA: abolishing the government-controlled welfare state and restoring private charity under freedom as we used to have; and restoring the right of the people to keep and bear arms and their right to shoot and kill intruders.

Unfortunately with authoritarian statists the priority for them is a heavily armed and empowered government (that might very well eventually be used against them, as James Madison observed), NOT an armed and empowered civilian population. They really don’t understand the 2nd Amendment, when you get right down to it.

Also Cruz on gay marriage: the State should control who gets married and who doesn’t. This is the issue in which conservative Christians really LOVE the State. Government-dependent conservatives want the State to determine who may have contracts, and the terms of those contracts, not the people themselves.

I think a lot of conservatives like the rhetoric of the Declaration of Independence. Many talk radio personalities constantly cite it and those “unalienable rights” to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. However, they don’t genuinely understand that all human beings have such rights inherently, rights which preexist the formation of government. Such principles are based on the ideas of self-ownership and non-aggression, private property and voluntary association and contract rights.

There are “constitutionalists” and conservatives out there who say they believe in the principles of the Declaration of Independence, that all people have unalienable rights and that among them are the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, rights which preexist the formation of any government. But do those inherent rights only apply to some people favored by the government? Or to ALL human beings? Apparently, the supporters of socialist government restrictions on labor, property, contracts, freedom of movement and so forth, seem to contradict themselves.

And it seems that Wm. F. Buckley’s Neocon Review crowd doesn’t like Donald Trump because he is not psychopathically warmongering enough for them. However, when I hear the delirious Trump-supporting talk radio crowd, yikes, and their sheeple callers. In Trump they are supporting a liberal Democrat who, besides his love for eminent domain, still defends nationalized health care and single payer because he thinks the government should take care of the people, who believes in “fair trade not free trade,” who supports ethanol mandates and subsidies, who supported bailing out Wall Street banks and nationalizing them, and who supported Obama’s shovel-ready stimulus package.

No, not Bernie Sanders, I’m talking about Trump!

So we can’t really say that Trump is a capitalist, because he doesn’t support free markets and the sanctity of private property. In a free market capitalist world, private property and voluntary contracts are important principles that can’t be compromised.

And by “fair trade not free trade” Trump means government-managed or government-controlled trade, the government’s coercive usurpation of authority over commerce and transactions away from the traders.

Authoritarians such as Trump hate the idea of free trade, that is, trade that is free of governmental intrusions or manipulation against the will of the traders, as they want to dictate who may trade with whom, what may be traded and what may not be traded, what entire countries ought to be excluded or included, and so on.

But we can go right to that Declaration of Independence as our reference to those “unalienable rights” to assert that people have a right to trade with others, their own fellow countrymen or foreigners, and it doesn’t matter who the traders are or where they are, as long as there is no coercion, theft or fraud involved. That’s the American way, no?

But statists and authoritarians don’t think that way.

“But none of that matters,” say the ignorant Trumpites, “Trump will shake things up! He knows how to run things and make deals!”

I’ve heard people suggest things like wanting Trump to “run the government like a business,” which is absurd. No you can’t run the government like a business because government isn’t a business, it’s government! It’s a monopoly with no bottom line, and which is funded involuntarily by the people over whom the bureaucrats rule. If an actual private business forced its customers to use its services and to fund it involuntarily, that would be called a criminal racket! So that’s an absurd suggestion.

No, sorry to burst your bubble, but Donald Trump will not “shake things up.” If he is so good at deal-making, he will make deals with Congress, he will agree to that dreaded “bipartisan consensus” that has already taken America down economically and morally. But most of all, as we have already seen from his statements and positions, like just about all politicians this crony socialist Trump will compromise the principles that made America great: freedom, private property, voluntary association and contract.

The one candidate for President who promoted the true moral principles of liberty that constitutionalists and conservatives had a chance to vote for was Ron Paul. Unfortunately Dr. Paul seemed to have been cheated out of the Republican nomination by the same Establishment people who will probably fight The Donald at the convention and hand the nomination over to Jeb!. (Hmm, the article which explains the 2012 cheating seems to have been pulled by TPTB — here it is on the Wayback Machine for those interested.)

In head-to-head match-ups, Dr. Paul would’ve beat Obama in 2012, unlike those neocon creeps who opposed him. But besides that, many of the voters were (and still are, alas) bamboozled by the post-9/11 propaganda to support wars of aggression and further provoking foreigners, and also bamboozled by this “American Exceptionalism” thing. Sadly, in 21st Century Amerika, narcissism is the way of the nationalists and collectivists, as much as the little flower college cupcakes of the Left.

So Donald Trump and others want to “make America great again.” I don’t.

“Greatness” is a subjective assessment. Some people think that a powerful government that bullies foreigners to submission is “greatness,” but it certainly isn’t moral greatness. I think that, given they are authoritarians, these people really want the government to be great. They love power. (Freedom and independence, not so much.)

So, I don’t want America to be “great.” I just want America to be free. Freedom is really what matters.

And there are people who want to “take our country back.” They want to “restore the Republic” and “take the Constitution back.”

I want our freedom back. Am I the only one?

And a lot of these candidates say they want to “get things done” when elected to high office. I don’t want them to do anything, I want them to undo things! Dismantle each and every bureaucracy, agency, law, ordinance, or otherwise criminal intrusion being imposed on the people by a bunch of parasite schmucks who presume themselves to be our betters. They are not our betters, they are schmucks, including those who want to assume such high offices.

The only candidates I could possibly vote for are those who promise (in writing, make it legally binding) to pardon and release to their freedom any and every victim of the State’s thousands and thousands of laws, restrictions and enslavements. Anyone who has been kidnapped and detained and unjustly prosecuted for disobeying unjust laws, in which the State’s victim had never violated anyone else’s person or property, initiated any aggression against anyone or committed any acts of theft or fraud. In these cases it is the government and its minions and enforcers who are the criminals!

People really have to decide what they really want in society. Power and authority, and enslavement?

Or freedom and independence.

Sadly, there is no one to vote for who promotes actual freedom. That’s just the way it is right now.

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