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Thanksgiving Turkeys

This Boston Globe article about former Massachusetts governor (and Presidential candidate) Michael Dukakis gave me a good chortle. It discusses Dukakis’s obsession with not throwing out unused foodstuffs, especially Thanksgiving turkey carcasses. “Throwing out a turkey carcass is sinful. Absolutely sinful … It’s a terrible thing to do. There’s so much richness and goodness in a turkey carcass,” he declared. Hmmm, perhaps we can call him “Michael Ducarcass.” He actually wants more Thanksgiving turkey carcasses than his family will actually consume today, and asks that people send him their used turkey carcasses. And the article gives his home address in the People’s Republic of Brookline for that purpose.

I am not. Making. This. Up.

And it’s the same address that Howie Carr would constantly write in his Boston Herald columns throughout the 1980s while Dukakis was governor.

But this line in the Globe article really cracked me up: “It’s all part of Dukakis’s aversion to waste — be it fat in the state budget, litter on the street, or turkey bones in the trash after Thanksgiving.”

Aversion to waste? In the state budget? You gotta be kidding me! Yeah, when he saw there was waste in the state budget, he gave the schleps of Massachusetts a “temporary” income tax hike in 1989 (that’s still in effect!) to handle all the “waste.” No, I don’t think cutting the fat was his thing, not really.

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