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A classic by Hans-Hermann Hoppe on why the State demands control of money.

David Stockman on clueless Carly — crony capitalist warmonger with flash cards.

Alex Newman writes about the U.S. government’s support for al Qaeda and ISIS.

Jacob Hornberger writes about the U.S. military and Afghan child sex abuse.

Chris Rossini says that as Greeks return to barter, the lies of government money are laid bare.

Oliver Stone on the untold history of the United States.

Richard Ebeling says that low interest rates cannot save a house of cards.

William Grigg with more on the government police bureaucrats’ 4th and 5th Amendment-trashing obsession with drugs.

Paul Craig Roberts says that all Republican Presidential candidates stand for war.

Doug Bandow on the collapse of Iraq and the rise of ISIS: made in America?

Justin Raimondo on the rape of Afghanistan.

Andrew Napolitano asks, Is the Pope a false prophet?

Simon Gardner says that Margaret Thatcher wasn’t just a terrorist sympathizer, but close friends with one.

Karen De Coster comments on “food insecurity.”

Jonathan Turley on France’s lack of freedom of speech because of so-called “hate speech” laws.

Gareth Porter says Iran’s Parchin nuclear myth begins to unravel.

Laurence Vance discusses gambling laws and federalism.

Philip Giraldi discusses the CIA’s torture defenders.

Micah Lee writes about Apple’s app store getting infected with the same type of malware the CIA developed.

And Frank Shostak says that central banks don’t dictate interest rates.

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