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Stop the World, I’m Getting Off, 2.0

First Kvetch Michelle Obama will love this one. Apparently there is some sort of movement now to promote obesity as a way to counter “anti-fat” prejudice, and there is this grossly obese model who has now signed a contract to pose for a major modeling agency. This is political correctness gone haywire, and it seems that the radical feminist movement celebrates it.

As Paul Joseph Watson wrote,

Why are growing sections of the corporate world and the establishment media promoting obesity as some kind of bizarre social justice movement, while people who encourage fitness and health, like nutritionist Abby Pell, are being castigated for “fat shaming”?

The answer is third wave feminism. Radical feminists have embraced the “fat pride movement” despite the fact that it is incredibly harmful to women. Why? Because it advances their social engineering agenda, which is to re-categorize any criticism of whatever they espouse as “hate speech”. People who question obesity are now actually being reported to police for committing hate crimes.

Now, I’d like to know if this particular model is so obese because she was “born that way,” and no matter what or how little she eats, she just won’t lose weight, or is it because she, like many people it seems, just can’t control her eating habits. For example, New Joisey Gov. Chris Christie two years ago had “lap band surgery,” the wrapping of a silicone band around the top part of the stomach to make it feel like one is “full.” (That is different from gastric bypass surgery in which the stomach is literally cut into two different parts and is more complicated and invasive.)

The “lap band” is for those who are lacking in self control and the will power to stop eating when they really have had an adequate amount of food. Some people, however, do not feel that they have had enough and overeat because their digestive systems are just not functioning properly. Others overeat mainly for emotional reasons. But several contributors to digestive systems not functioning properly include the consumption of junk food, processed foods, etc. The chemicals in a lot of the junk food are actually damaging to the functioning of the digestive system and actually prevent whatever nutritious food that people do eat from being digested. And that causes malnutrition. Even though you eat nutritious food, it is still not getting digested properly because the chemicals in the junk food are interfering with the process. The answer to that problem is to not eat any junk food. And no, avoiding junk food is not “easier said than done,” because there are plenty of good nutritious foods that are satisfying to your “sweet tooth” or your otherwise “craving” for junk food. (But why the craving for junk food anyway? In my view, it’s something in the psychological area that people more likely crave.)

And regarding New Joisey Gov. Chris Christie, if he clearly has a problem with his eating habits, which seems to show a lack of self-control and the will to set a planned, prepared diet and stick to it, why would anyone want someone like that to be President of the United States? Or should I not bring those points up? Am I being an anti-fattist?

But getting back to the social ostracizing of those who are critical of these politically correct social movements, such as promoting obesity, and this aforementioned extremely obese model who signed on with a major modeling agency, another aspect of her specifically which I find loathsome is the tattoos. Do men find tattoos on women attractive? I don’t. I guess I’m “anti-tattoo,” too. (I hope I don’t get sued for defamation.) Additionally, you can look at those articles about her and read her Twitters or Instagrams, and with “F-word” this and “F-word” that, there’s another reason to be repelled by this whole bizarre movement of obesity promotion. If you’re going to sign on with a major modeling agency, then you should have some class and clean up your language, at the very least.

Besides all that stuff, promoting unhealthy lifestyles is not particularly bright, in my view. As Watson noted in his article,

Are the following health conditions linked to obesity something which women should aspire to?

– Diabetes
– Heart disease
– High blood pressure
– Arthritis
– Indigestion
– Gallstones
– Some cancers (eg, breast and prostate cancers)
– Snoring and sleep apnoea
– Stress, anxiety, and depression
– Infertility

Now, I’m not going to post any of the photos of the extremely obese model here because I don’t want to risk causing any of my Dear Readers to toss their cookies, so if you are daring and want to see all that you can click on the first linked article or the Watson article.

But if this is how Western culture has declined, and it’s obviously getting worse, then stop the world, I’m getting off.

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