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Whistleblowers? State Apparatchiks? Opportunists?

In the past I have written about Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald in a somewhat skeptical manner. And so have Sibel Edmonds, Robert Wenzel and Naomi Wolf. Snowden had said from the beginning of his releasing of NSA documents that he carefully picked which reporters or journalists to confide in and who would only reveal particular information that he, Snowden, determined should be revealed to the general public. And he also has shown faith in the national security state and stated that he really believes that we need a NSA to keep us safe. In contrast, Bradley Manning (now known as Chelsea Manning) had said that all information which reveals the government’s intrusions and criminality must be in the public domain, and he has stated that the people have a right to know the truth.

In my view, government bureaucrats do not have a right to any secrets to be kept from the people. If you want to believe that that is necessary for ‘security’ reasons, then that is up to you. For government bureaucrats it’s all about power and control, and not “security.” This is why they want to have access into your private, personal life matters, but they don’t want to allow you any access to any information about their activities.

But Edward Snowden now confesses that he is really a CIA asset and was trained to be a “spy,” as well as being an NSA operative overseas. Given his control-freakish manipulating of which NSA documents to be “carefully” released, redacted or suppressed, I am not sure as to where his loyalty is really directed: the American people, the U.S. government, the NSA? In a recent interview (via Infowars), Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a psychiatrist and former intelligence op official, stated that Snowden has been trained to portray a traitor or a whistleblower (depending on what NSA flunkies determine at whatever given moment), as a means of manipulating the American people.

So, I don’t know if I’d call Snowden an opportunist as I may have implied in the past, but perhaps more an intelligence operative who is playing his role according to what the NSA and CIA bureaucrats want to be accomplished, more of a psy-op on the American people. But who knows why, if that’s really the case. As we’ve seen from people like David Petraeus and Keith Alexander, some of these bureaucrats are real loonies. But that’s just my opinion on that.

Now, Glenn Greenwald, that’s a different story. He has this new book out detailing his experiences with Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations and their relationship of “whistleblower” and journalist-advocate. In his new endeavor with Pierre Omidyar’s The Intercept and the new book, Greenwald is profiting not from his work as a journalist which he has a right to profit from, but from his control over the manner in which documents are released, which documents get redacted or not, and which documents are suppressed completely, a control which seems to show a bit of arrogance on Greenwald’s part, as though he himself is a government bureaucrat. Further, Greenwald has stated that he will have a “finale,” a grandiose ending to his series of revelations provided by Snowden, the listing of the names of those targeted by the NSA. He compares the finale to a “fireworks show”: “The last one is the one where the sky is all covered in spectacular multicoloured hues,” which seems overly sensational and pretentious if you ask me. These latest expressions by Greenwald certainly do not exhibit the most respectable qualities from a “journalist,” that’s for sure. Chris Floyd has expressed a similar criticism of Greenwald’s “fireworks show” brand of journalism.

Now, before anyone compares me to the State-apparatchik du jour Michael Kinsley, I am critical of Greenwald for reasons opposite of why Kinsley has been critical of him, because of Greenwald’s censorship and suppression on behalf of the State. As I stated above, the State has no right to keep any secrets from the people. This censorship and control “in the name of national security” really is a cover for bureaucrats who are “up to no good.” Don’t be bamboozled into believing otherwise.

Regarding the slow, year-long (so far) careful control over what gets revealed and how much the American people are permitted to know about what crimes are being committed against them by their own government, unlike Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning, Snowden and Greenwald have gotten the approval of that very government, the State and its minions. Arthur Silber has compared and contrasted Greenwald and Snowden’s NSA releases to the WikiLeaks releases, and Silber does note that these more recent “whistleblowers” seem to be serving more the interests of the State than the American people. Silber has addressed that here, here, and here as well. I would add that Greenwald seems to me to be exploiting the situation to serve his own financial interests. Another whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, has written about that as well.

I wish there weren’t so many gullible sheeple in America who have been indoctrinated from earliest years to believe that politicians and bureaucrats have the people’s interests at heart. The State is inherently a criminal racket, because it is an institution of monopoly in which the people are compelled by law to use its “security” provisions with no alternatives allowed. So of course such an apparatus will attract those who crave power over others. The State will never “protect” the people from aggressors as the State is itself institutionalized aggression whose agents have the power to intrude into the lives of anyone they want and get away with it with impunity.

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