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Supremes Rule on Prayer in Government Meetings

Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Christian prayers can be said amongst government officials and public attendees of local governmental legislative meetings, such as city councils or town hall meetings, etc. Well, okay, Justice Kennedy and the conservatives, but what if someone presenting a particular case before an open local government hearing wants to say his own prayer out loud but he happens to worship “the devil” or some other entity whose worship many people may find offensive? What if it makes the rest of the group in attendance uncomfortable? Should he not be allowed to do so? Or are you saying that if the majority of the group there are Christians only they can read their prayers? And also, why the heck can’t people pray silently to themselves? Do they really have to have organized group prayer at these public meetings? And why is a government meeting so important that you have to say prayers first, as opposed to when attending a regular business meeting or when you’re at the store before purchasing your stuff?

I know, the First Amendment protects the right of those who want to pray in the public buildings and before public, government meetings for government business. But in that case you really have to provide for everyone of every faith or belief who wants to use that time to speak some sort of religious statement. (However, there shouldn’t even be “public” buildings and “government business,” which is mainly to intrude in the lives of others. But I digress.)

The emphasis in this case was that of the Christian prayers being the center of controversy. But, on a related note, also this week the blowhard Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore just recently asserted that what the writers of the First Amendment meant by “religion” was Christianity. And therefore the First Amendment really only protects Christians‘ right to freedom of religion, based on the early Americans’ references to “God” as the “Creator.” And he went on to say, “Buddha didn’t create us, Muhammad didn’t create us. It’s the God of the Holy Scriptures. They didn’t bring a Qur’an over on the pilgrim ship Mayflower. Let’s get real, let’s go back and learn our history, let’s stop playing games.” (I’m glad I don’t live in Alabama. Do they even allow Jews there?)

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