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Some Interesting Items Recently

Here are some interesting items I have read recently:

Jacob Hornberger asks: What’s wrong with income inequality?

Sayer Ji discusses how the Gates Foundation/CFR propaganda against “anti-vaccine” movement is backfiring.

Marcy Wheeler discusses the corporate store, where NSA goes to shop your content and your lifestyle

Kit Daniels writes about the totalitarian state of New York wanting to track everyone’s life, from early schooling to career

Ron Paul says that every week should be school choice week.

William Grigg on the plunder-lusting quislings seeking to repeal posse comitatus

Sheldon Richman on welfare/warfare/corporate state: All of a piece

Patrice Lewis discusses the feminists who think that allowing women to be women is hurting them

Juan Cole writes about Israeli right-wing extremists’ race-based discomfort with Benjamin Nutty-Yahoo’s son not only dating outside their Jewish faith, but outside their nationalist State. (Recently, Cole had also written about recognizing Israel as a Jewish state is like saying the U.S. is a white state.)

Sibel Edmonds on Turkish PM Erdogan: the speedy transformation of an imperial puppet, and CIA-Zionist operatives urging Obama to overthrow Erdogan’s administration

Laurence Vance on the “War on Drugs”

Yuri Maltsev explains the Tea Party

And Melissa Melton on EPA bureaucrats tracking flu-related keywords on Twitter.

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