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The Truth That Many People Just Don’t Want to Hear

In my article on, On Persuading the Faithful to Reject the National Security State, regarding my suggestion that Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald should release ALL the NSA documents they have, I wrote,

And even if the released information is unredacted and could “harm” some of the agents of the State, so what? Those State agents know that what they are doing is very risky, and they voluntarily choose to engage in such State criminality. They are at their own risk.

The burden of “protecting” them should be on them, not us, for crying out loud!

And, in my subsequent blog post on the subject, regarding a former FBI agent held hostage in Iran that the New York Times knew was really a CIA agent but withheld that information, I wrote,

Well, in my view, whether you work for the government or are a private person, when you travel to foreign countries, you may not be “safe,” just as you may not be safe traveling through certain parts of the U.S.

. . .

In a free society, the people including those who work for news publications should not be a part of the national security state, and should not be in a position to publish or not publish on behalf of the politicians and bureaucrats’ agendas.

The Press is not beholden to act as government enablers, quite the opposite.

Now, as I have written in the past, it is difficult to just tell the truth about what exactly the State is, and especially the federal government. Many people have gone through 12-16 years of government-controlled schooling, in which a deep devotion to the State is indoctrinated on a daily basis. This authoritarian mindset is continually reinforced outside the schools throughout one’s upbringing, from TV shows and movies, to pop culture, churches, and so on. But since 9/11, that authoritarian mindset has gotten much worse, as the police state has increased and the “homeland” is being increasingly militarized.

However, in the past year the government’s blatant criminality — from local police acting like barbarians and thugs to the NSA criminal spying scandal, the IRS intimidation scandal, “Fast-n-Furious,” more and more Americans are seeing with their own eyes how criminal their own government is. And it’s not just Obama or Bush, because the criminality has been going on for more than a century.

Well, that is because government — the State — by its very nature is a criminal enterprise.

When you put together an artificial institution and compel the population to have to use that institution’s monopoly of so-called services, such as providing security, that in and of itself is a criminal act.

It is criminal because, as I mentioned here, the State is forcibly restricting the people’s right to provide security by other means, including through competing agencies. At the most fundamental level, the State’s compulsory monopoly is criminally restricting the people’s right to self-determination and self-defense. I know it makes a lot of people uncomfortable to try to see it that way, but that’s the truth.

Regarding the crimes being committed against innocent people by local government police and bureaucrats, John Whitehead recently had an article listing only a few of the latest examples inflicted on innocent children. Local bureaucrats and police are irrational, their actions are counter-productive and in fact criminal, in my opinion. Whitehead writes,

In Utah, a seven-year-old boy was arrested and berated by police because he ran away from school. The boy showed up at his mother’s house late in the afternoon, at which point he explained that he had left the school of his own accord. The mother called the school and explained what happened, at which point the principal decided to call the police, despite knowing the boy was in the protection of his mother. An officer arrived at the house, told the boy to “straighten up,” took him outside, handcuffed him, and yelled at him saying, “Is this the life you want?”

That government school principal needs to be arrested and charged with child endangerment, and that police officer needs to be arrested and charged with making an unlawful arrest, child endangerment, dereliction of duty, harassment and assault and battery. These government-employed officials are criminals and they ought to be treated as such, not their victims!

And speaking of irrational, the drug war is making people even crazier. According to this article on Alternet, local police are sending undercover cops into schools, pretending to be students, and entrapping the kids in drug “offenses.” This is how sick and demented so-called officials, the “security” monopoly providers are becoming now.

Those cops also need to be arrested and charged with incitement, criminal mischief, harassment and making unlawful arrests as well.

But sadly, many people are still of the mindset in which the thought of bringing government criminals to justice like that is an act of disobedience or disloyalty on the people’s part.

Disloyalty not to justice but to the government.

You see, this is what happens when you willingly forfeit your right to self-defense and give monopolistic bureaucrats such powers. The system becomes corrupted through the very nature of wolves guarding the hen house — I know, that’s an old saying, but it’s true — and the people not only become subjugated by predators but willingly become devoted slaves of the “authorities.”

And regarding the idea of ” national security,” the criminals of the federal government have been making the people less and less secure, with the central planners starting wars against other countries that were of no threat to us, to turning their criminal actions inward against their own fellow Americans.

The so-called “war on terror” is a war waged by the U.S. government against the American people and their freedom. But this is a war just as illegitimate as the government’s wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, the whole concept of war is an artificial concept, invented by politicians to rationalize their need to covet the natural resources and property which rightfully belong to foreigners, and for the politicians to justify their criminal aggressions against their own people.

So now we have NSA flunkies who say that the First Amendment should be changed because they don’t like the way the news media reports on their acts of criminality against the people. And this despite that various news organizations have been acting as propagandists on their behalf, as well as on behalf of other federal criminal activities against the people, such as ObamaCare. They are extremely irrational now.

And speaking of CBS News, the head of the NSA was interviewed on 60 Minutes, and he had to turn to a group of people behind the set and ask these handlers whether or not he could answer a particular question. Like if he actually just answered the question truthfully and without any concern that such an answer could compromise “national security” or the lives of various spooks and CIA goons out there, such a truthful answer actually could be harmful. Well, no, you don’t have to turn to your handlers for their approval, how childish! This whole thing is nuts now.

But it is difficult to reach those who have lived many years believing the myth that the central planners in Washington are there to actually protect the people from foreign invaders or attacks or from terrorists. I keep hearing these nitwit dittoheads on talk radio referring to the question as to “Why would the 9/11 terrorists actually do what they did on 9/11? What reason could they possibly have had?” seriously not knowing that the terrorist attackers’ reasons were retaliatory.

The reason that most people react to the suggestion that the 9/11 attackers’ motivations were retaliatory is that most people are ignorant of history and actually believe that this “war on terror” actually started on 9/11 as a response to that event, which wasn’t the case.

So it is difficult to reach people and get them to question what the federal government has been doing, turning America into Nazi Germany and Soviet Union, when they don’t know about the first war against Iraq that President George H.W. Bush started in 1991 and the sanctions and no-fly zones imposed on Iraqis throughout the 1990s right up to 9/11. (The 9/11 terrorists even directly noted those U.S. government-led atrocities on Iraq as among their motivations for 9/11 attacks.)

But because we have such out-of-control government employees of the national security state, openly involved in such criminal activities not only against foreigners but especially against their fellow Americans, many more people are waking up to the truth about these things, thank God.

And as I mentioned at the top of this post that, if people work for the NSA, the CIA and so forth, and whether they are traveling overseas like in Iran or whether they are engaged in some other criminal acts here in the “homeland,” then revealing any information about them is a good thing. They are at their own risk. They shouldn’t be involved in that kind of “work” in the first place, under the pretense of “security.” It is THEY who are endangering Americans‘ lives by the spooks and warmongers’ provoking of foreigners to want to act against us and turn to extreme “jihadist” acts of retaliation against our government’s invasions, occupations of their lands, our government’s torturing of their people and drone-murdering of innocents. And it is these U.S. government agents whose crimes of surveillance and eavesdropping for the purposes of blackmail and other further criminal acts who directly invade and compromise Americans’ security.

And all this sick, un-American craziness didn’t just start after 9/11, by the way. During the 1990s, we had a UN ambassador Madeleine Albright who said that the U.S. government’s sanctions which caused the murders of over 500,000 deaths of innocents in Iraq was “worth it,” and what that “it” was, who knows?

And during the 1980s we had a National Security Council apparatchik named Oliver North who loved the idea of martial law and was drooling to implement it. And there are many Oliver Norths out there now, many of whom work for the NSA and CIA, believers in total State control and military martial law. Theses droolers love the idea of a completely armed-to-the-teeth government and a totally disarmed and subjugated civilian population.

And before Ollie was J. Edgar Hoover, who throughout his career as FBI director from the 1930s to the 1970s was a major player to virtually remove our civil liberties and mainly for political reasons, which are the reasons now why the FBI, NSA and other central planning agencies act so criminally invasive against their fellow Americans. It has nothing to do with “protecting Americans from terrorists.”

So, as I and others have been trying to say, that the criminal “national security” state is not “keeping us safe” with its criminality against the people, there are still many naive people who will nevertheless continue to believe that we need them there, the NSA, CIA, etc. And they ask, well how else will we be protected from terrorists?

And the answer is to tell our government bureaucrats to stop provoking foreigners, stop invading countries that were of no threat to us, and stop occupying foreign lands that are not U.S. territories. And that’s it. it really is that simple.

This article on proposals to expand “continuity in government” in case of terrorist attack or natural disaster shows us how crazy central planners are, and how irrational it is, the idea of relying on government bureaucrats and central planning “authorities” to take care of you in such times. We had Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, and 9/11 to demonstrate that irrationality.

No, there should be no “continuity in government.” How absurd. Why would any sane, civilized people want to continue a corrupt, incompetent, criminal and totalitarian enterprise that exists to feed off their hard labor and prevents them from securely living their lives without fear?

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