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The JFK Assassination: A Brief Primer

Historian Charles Burris writes about the ongoing CBS News disinformation campaign to continue the whitewash of the truth about the JFK assassination, including CBS’s non-mentioning of the reporting by its former long-time news anchor, Dan Rather, who was actually there and reported on Kennedy’s death for CBS News.

[UPDATE: I had posted a video here of Walter Cronkite announcing that their reporter “Dan Rather” confirmed President Kennedy’s death. But that video has since been taken down from YouTube based on a copyright claim by CBS. However, other videos with Cronkite making that announcement but which don’t include mention of “Dan Rather” are still up. Here is another copy of the same video with mention of “Dan Rather.” But we will see how long it stays on YouTube.]

Regarding the CBS News 50-year whitewash and Walter Cronkite, Burris writes,

CBS chairman William Paley, Fred Friendly, and Edward R. Murrow were part of the Agency’s Operation Mockingbird to provide deflection and cover for the CIA’s ‘family jewels’ of the day. CBS News president Sig Mickelson (1954-61) was liaison to the CIA. Because of his frequent communications, Mickelson even had a direct private phone line installed to the Agency. CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite was a former military intelligence officer also connected within this elite nexus.

Burris cites and links to several important books on the JFK assassination. And if you are one of those many skeptics who prefer not to believe the possibility that President Kennedy was assassinated by various elements in and outside the U.S. government, in this earlier post Burris links to 21 more important articles online for further information.

And in one of his many articles on the JFK assassination, the Future of Freedom Foundation’s Jacob Hornberger explains why all this matters. What motivation would the CIA or other members of the national security state have in killing a President of the United States? Well, as Hornberger points out,

Kennedy was challenging the “communists are coming to get us” paradigm that formed the justification of the national-security state. And the national-security statists knew it. He was opposing everything the generals and the CIA officials statists stood for and believed. The result was one of the fiercest political and bureaucratic wars in U.S. history — a war between Kennedy and the national-security establishment — a war that was being waged beneath the radar screen — a war whose stakes were the very highest for the future direction of our nation.

Kennedy was conducting secret negotiations with then-Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev to end the Cold War, which the national security establishment didn’t want to do. Those clingers are known as warfare statists whose existence is dependent on the tax dollars which are seized from the earnings of the everyday workers and producers of America.

At the same time, many amongst this guild of cops-n-robbers parasites are deeply indoctrinated by the authority figures during their upbringing, by their government school teachers, pop culture idols, and their parents, to be more devoted to the authoritarian state than to freedom and justice, while believing on the surface that their loyalty isn’t to the State but to “freedom and justice.” Thus, there really can’t be any more Orwellian government agencies or programs than these Cold War dinosaurs (except perhaps ObamaCare).

After World War II, by 1960 the Cold War apparatus, which included the CIA, the NSA and other Soviet-like tax-funded agencies, was a self-perpetuating, self-fulfilling regime feeding off Leviathan, and by this time it was NOT going to let go of its accumulated power voluntarily. And, as Hornberger pointed out, even when the Cold War actually did end in the late 1980s-early 1990s, the now-unnecessary national security state did not get dismantled, as is what should have happened. In my view, continuing the self-serving national security state to exist for its own sake was of high priority for President George H.W. Bush, and that is why he started his war of aggression against Iraq in 1991.

So we know why the political class and members of the national security establishment wanted to replace President Kennedy, and why the cover-ups and whitewash of the truth for 50 years. But why are so many members of the mainstream media so devoted to the Warren Commission sweeping the truth under the rug? Why are so many members of the mainstream media so devoted to the centralized federal government and its ever-expanding power and intrusiveness over the American people? Who knows. I just can’t figure them out.

But if you are still a skeptic who wishes to remain faithful to the official word of the Warren Commission, Jacob Hornberger also has this extensive series on the Kennedy Autopsy. He goes quite in depth on the details. And here is Hornberger’s extensive and highly detailed article on the Kennedy Casket Conspiracy.

Also, University of Washington cardiologist Donald Miller, MD, had this recent article on his associations with some of the medical personnel directly involved during the post-Kennedy assassination testimonies (and cover-ups).

And speaking of the former President George H.W. Bush, investigative journalist Russ Baker has a 10-part series on the elder President Bush’s own involvement in the JFK assassination. Baker’s book on the Bush family gives many details of their warmongering and corruption. Here are the 10 parts of the aforementioned series.

Part 1: Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency

Part 2: Skull and Bones Forever

Part 3: Where Was Poppy November 22, 1963?

Part 4: Barbara’s Hair-Raising Day

Part 5: The Mysterious Mr. De Mohrenschildt

Part 6: The Cold War Comes to Dallas

Part 7: Empire Strikes Back

Part 8: Prepping a Patsy?

Part 9: Planning a Nightmare on Elm Street

Part 10: After Camelot

Finally, Robert Wenzel interviewed political strategist Roger Stone on the JFK assassination and Stone’s new book, The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ.

Stone brings up many issues related to and people associated with the JFK assassination. For instance, I didn’t know that Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford were also involved in the JFK cover-ups. According to Stone, former President Ford had stated many years later that he had helped with the whitewashing because the issue needed “clarity.”

Huh? “Clarity”? Sweeping the truth under the rug gives “clarity”? (Oh yeah, we’re talking about Gerald Ford here. Never mind, as Emily Litella would say.)

President Ford is the one who pardoned the corrupt and criminal warmonger bankster Nixon because Ford was concerned about “the immediate future of this great country.” But really he was concerned for his poor little friend, Richard Milhaus Nixon, as Ford reflected on the “serious allegations and accusations hang like a sword over our former President’s head, threatening his health as he tries to reshape his life, a great part of which was spent in the service of this country and by the mandate of its people.” (No, Nixon was in service of the national security establishment and the mandate of the military-security-industrial complex.) Now, I don’t think that Stone brought up that Watergate pardon stuff in the Wenzel interview, but his reference to Ford’s involvement in the JFK assassination cover-up whitewash reminded me of that.

But to conclude, here is that interview of Roger Stone by Robert Wenzel:

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