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Shutting Down the Federal Government? It Might Take the RICO Laws to Ever Do It

In this blog post, Jacob Hornberger of the Future of Freedom Foundation refers to “shutdown anxiety,” what all those pathetic statists in Washington and throughout the land are experiencing in regards to the federal government’s possibly shutting down.

In fact, if we’re lucky, the government shut-down will be permanent and all those non-essential personnel will be permanently laid off.

No longer would American taxpayers be burdened by the taxes needed to fund those non-essential people and their non-essential functions. Equally good, all these non-essential people would find jobs in the private sector, making them productive citizens rather than parasitic citizens living off the taxes that the private sector pays.

Thus, a government shutdown would be doubly positive. It would leave more savings in private hands and increase the number of productive people in the private sector. Increases in savings and productive capital are the key to rising standards of living for people in a society.

Will it happen? Unfortunately, no. Republicans are as committed to statism as Democrats are.

That’s because Republicans are as FOS as Democrats. Republicans aren’t interested in increasing the standard of living of the rest of the population, they’re interested in increasing their power-grabs, their little fiefdoms and their bank accounts (from the loot stolen from the actual workers and producers of America).

And Hornberger is right about the Republicans’ love for health care socialism. They won’t touch Medicare or Medicaid, or medical licensure and all the horrible regulations the feds impose on every aspect of the medical care industry which reduce the quality of medical care in America.

But Republicans do care about the lobbyists taking them out to lunch, the pharmaceutical and insurance industries’ contributions to the Republicans’ election campaigns and so forth, just like the Democrats.

ObamaCareless will of course make things even worse, and after that fails which it already is, then “single-payer” or Obama’s SovietCare will further turn the U.S. into a full police-state dictatorship, just like the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

While Justin Raimondo and Dave Lindorf understand that America is now a police state, even with the NSA revelations there are many people who are still in denial. They just don’t want to believe that Americans could consider such a way of life. As Larken Rose put it in this lengthy video documentary, yes, it can happen here. It IS happening here, for crying out loud!

And yes, this ObamaCare or “single payer,” whatever it’s going to be, these extremist means of aggression inflicted by the State against the people and call it “health care” — yes, this is all part of America’s police state future.

And yes, it is “extremist” to give the government the power to forcibly make you report your private medical matters to the government, to allow government bureaucrats to have the “authority” over what doctors you may or may not see or patients you may or may not have, or how one wants to pay one’s doctor. Those who give the government the power to order you to have to buy a health insurance policy are extremists. Ya hear that, Roberts? (So what caused the Chief Bureaucrat to go so far off the deep end? Was it the NSA snoopy-pooping? Too much caviar? Or too many visits to the Supreme Hot Tub, perhaps?)

Roberts went to Harvard, you know. Maybe that was it. But I digress.

So now, Washington’s Blog has a post detailing how the government psychopaths are labeling even peaceful, harmless people as “terrorists.” One item that caught my eye was this link to an article stating that if you don’t have a Facebook page then you are “suspicious.” Like not having one of those things means you are a psychopath. The article points to accused Aurora theater shooter James Holmes who didn’t have a Statebook page (but he did have psycho-meds, thanks to Big Psychiatry). And the Norwegian loony-tunes Anders Breivik who killed 77 people but didn’t have a Statebook page, is also cited as an example.

And it isn’t just the gubmint with these kinds of irrational spewings. It’s non-gubmint civilians, like bosses who are considering job applicants. “You don’t have a Facebook page? You must be a psychopathic murderous monster! Next?”

But much of this increasing nonsense in our society mainly has to do with America’s increasing dependence on the government — federal, state, and local — for EVERYTHING! But as the lazy, infantilized,  public school-brainwashed, high fructose corn syrup-addicted and texting zombie Americans out there continue to let the real monsters of society — government bureaucrats and their armed enforcers — intrude upon, invade and rape their lives, the country will devolve even further into chaos and ruin.

If we had any sense, we would let the government shut down and stop worrying about it. Think of all the freedom we would have (like in the old days).

Now, as the feds commit one incompetent or criminal act after another, Karl Denninger of Market Ticker explains that he is fed up, and is going on strike. He will legally stop “contributing” to the feds, after all the wealth that has been taken from him via “taxation.” He is saying that he is just going to stop making an income so that there won’t be anything for the government to take from him in tax-thefts. I am not exactly sure how he will be able to feed himself and his family, however. While Denninger will not concentrate on financial issues on his website (which apparently has been the content by which he derives an income), he will continue to write about the political goings on, about the shenanigans our Congressfelons are up to. Denninger writes:

I hope, pray for and encourage others to also peacefully withdraw their consent.  If enough of us who are the producers in this nation do so then government will have no choice but to bow to our will or collapse.  My decision in this regard, if ratified by concurrence of just a small percentage of the population, represents what I believe is the only remaining lawful and peaceful way to accomplish that goal.

If there are an insufficient number of others willing to also participate then my personal conviction that it is unacceptable to fund the screwing of others, whether it be financially or through actual acts of violence, will be demonstrated to be that of a tiny minority.

I accept that this is not only possible, it’s likely.

But should that be the case then this nation does not deserve to survive as a Constitutional Republic — and in the end, it will not, becoming something much darker, uglier and unworthy of any of my support.

There is only one way to know which of the two possibilities is true — and that is to act, and see who also acts.  To lead not through exhortation (or worse, extortion) but rather by example.  To see who chooses to not only continue to consent but actively supports the murder of others, physical violence served upon those who simply wish to enjoy their unalienable rights and the financial******of our own citizens en-masse – especially our children and young adults.

If and when things change I will reconsider my position and lower my middle finger.

But not before.

I therefore choose to reduce the ability of our government to tax my income to as close to an effective zero as I can reasonably achieve in keeping with what I enjoy doing, which is putting before the people a chronology of lies, frauds and scams in the hope that others wake up.

But I just can’t see very many people participating in that form of activism and going on strike. Just how the hell is someone who refuses to produce and do labor (for the government) going to be able to sustain one’s own life in any meaningful and healthy way? But then, with ObomberCare and being subjected to government doctor bureaucrats, pretty soon none of us will be healthy, so I guess it won’t matter.

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