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J. Edgar Obama, Nixon’s Gold Window Closing, and Orwellian Smart Meters

From the Washington Times via Infowars, Oliver Stone says that Barack Obama is a “snake.” Stone compares Obama to J.Edgar Hoover:

Speaking of Gay J. Edgar Hoover, on this date in 1971 Richard Nixon “closed the gold window,” as told by Gary North, who says that it was Nixon’s worst decision. Frankly, I really don’t know which will destroy Americans’ lives more, the Federal Reserve or Obama’s Gestapo.

Speaking of Obama’s Gestapo, Rady Ananda has this article at Activist Post on how a “Smart Grid” is being formed via Smart Meters by control-freak bureaucrats. The Smart Meters are not just a threat to your privacy and security, but to your health.

One reason that we have so many problems related to energy (and other “utilities” such as water) is that it is almost entirely centralized. The people have been made to be dependent on government bureaucrats for our energy needs. Not Good. Here is a past article from Washington’s Blog on decentralizing our energy sources.

I previously posted this video made by Jerry Day from this post I did on the Smart Meters:

(However, Jerry Day notes that “wiretapping” is “illegal in all 50 states.” But as we all now know, “wiretapping” is now “legal in all 50 states,” and in most other countries as well, as long as the intruders committing the crimes are government employed goons.)

As Paul Craig Roberts observes, “Humanity is drowning in Washington’s criminality.”

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