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The State Against the People

More from the U.K. Guardian and Glenn Greenwald on the criminal intrusiveness (and for no good reason whatsoever) of the U.S. government:

Obama Orders Senior Government Security and Intelligence Officials to Draw Up Overseas target List for Cyber Attacks

NSA Prism Program Taps In to User Data of Apple, Google, and Others

Boundless Informant: The NSA’s Secret Tool to Track Global Surveillance Data

Edward Snowden: The Whistleblower Behind the NSA Surveillance Revelations

This isn’t to do with the “War on Terrorism.” The illegal spying and criminal intrusions are for the purpose of tracking and spying on dissidents, protestors, critics of the gangster U.S. government bureaucrats who rule over us.

This entire U.S. government is nothing but a criminal racket now, everything from ObamaCare to nationalizing and collectivizing education, to the profitable-for-bureaucrats-and-their-minions “War on Drugs,” to the police state militarism.

If these imbeciles and gangsters were genuinely serious about preventing terrorist attacks against us, they would not start wars of aggression against foreigners who were of no threat to us, they would stop drone-bombing and murdering innocents overseas, they would release illegally-detained totally innocent abductees from Guantanamo, they would stop torturing innocent human beings for the sake of extracting false confessions and falsely implicating other innocents … and it goes on and on and on.

But no, the surveillance police state now is mainly for the purpose of shutting up those who criticize the Regime, and that’s it. As far as those who are employed by the Regime to do all this illegal spying, if they really believe that what they are doing is for preventing terrorism, then they are dupes.

In Amerika now, everything is on behalf of the evil State.

Democracy: The God That Failed.

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