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Recent Supreme Court Rulings

There were two major rulings by the USSA Supreme Court yesterday: overturning Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act, and overturning a section of the 1965 Voting Rights Act which had mandated certain states to get federal preclearance before making changes to their voting and election laws.

Regarding the Defense of Marriage Act, I liked what Lew Rockwell had to say about it:

Of course, DOMA is unconstitutional, since marriage is none of the federal government’s business. Under the present system, it is a state issue. Of course, it is actually none of any government’s business. Marriage–like every other contract–should be privatized, with people free to make the contracts they choose, so long as no one else’s rights are violated.

It was an ill day when government began to take marriage over in the 18th century. Marriage antedates government, and unlike government, is socially beneficial.

The extension of federal payments to new classes is an unhappy development, but typical of the supremes. And note that the idea that nine lawyers can determine constitutionality is a usurpation and mentioned nowhere in the constitution.

The constitution itself was a coup, marking a huge step-up in central government power. If we are to be saddled with a national government, let it be under the far-more libertarian articles of confederation.

When something like marriage is made a matter of state, it’s a license to stick your nose into other people’s business. When it’s private, you need not worry if some people want polygamy, or gay marriage, or Protestant marriage, or Catholic marriage, or Hindu marriage. Live and let live is possible. The state, on the other hand, always seeks to divide and rule.

But I will add this. People are worried about same-sex couples and their federal tax deductions, or benefits regarding retirements, pensions, etc. The answer to that is simple, as I referred to in this recent post. Given that compulsory, involuntary government confiscation of the people’s earnings is nothing but theft, plunder, and criminality, then any society that wants to call itself “civilized” must get rid of such theft, plunder and criminality.

Forced, coerced, compelled redistribution of earnings, wealth, income or property is criminal, regardless how one wants to rationalize it.

Another point about that is that some people — religious, conservative, or otherwise — do not want their tax dollars going to “subsidize a gay lifestyle.” Well, as I have referred to before, the government’s tax breaks, deductions, or loopholes are not “the government subsidizing” anyone. The less of your own money that the government steals from you, the more you keep of what is rightfully yours in the first place!

But if there are those evangelicals, or otherwise religious or conservative people out there concerned about that, what do they say about people who don’t want their earnings taken from them to be redistributed to Israel, which by law treats the Arabs there as second- or third-class citizens? Or to Pakistan, to Egypt, to Kenya, etc? Or used to fund the wars that the two Bush Presidents started for no good reason?

And, regarding the Voting Rights Act decision yesterday, everyone should have a right to vote in elections. Everyone. If there are public office holders who make laws and policies which ALL the people must obey and follow — at the point of government’s guns and badges — then ALL the people must have the right to determine who will be given those powers. Either that or don’t let ANYONE have those powers to make new laws or policies which ALL other people MUST follow and obey! (And 51% of the people should not have the right to vote away the other 49%’s rights, their liberty, their wealth, their earnings or their property anyway!)

A voluntary society that does not allow coercion or the initiation of aggression is the only way to maintain a genuinely peaceful, civilized society. As long as we have the institutionalized aggression and thuggery of the State, as we currently have, we will not have peace nor a civilized society or culture.

Democracy is the God That Failed.

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