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The Left’s Propagandizing for Their Domestic Police State and Foreign Warmongering

Daniel McAdams posted this video on the LRC Blog (via Daily Paul) of MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell with an embarrassingly propagandistic defense of the police state in Watertown three weeks ago.

The video includes more than enough proof that not only is O’Donnell wrong about Ron Paul being a “liar,” but it is O’Donnell, in his frothing slobbering love for the State and its violence, who is the true “liar” here.

(I have already posted another video of an Infowars reporter interviewing siege-victim Watertown residents, some of whose doors to their homes were left wide open by the violent lawless nomads who invaded their homes after ordering the victim residents out.)

In Lawrence O’Donnell, we are given a further glimpse into how the Left loves police power, they want to have a government armed to the teeth which rules over a thoroughly disarmed civilian population. This is why Lawrence O’Donnell has no problem with the criminal Watertown martial law police state, and in fact will lie and propagandize to support it.

Here is Ron Paul in 2008 discussing the feds’ treasonous violations of posse comitatus and individual rights and usurping of local controls, predicting much of what we are already seeing in the Amerikan police state:

Lawrence O’Donnell’s bias toward the State is like a lot of people on the Left. (Remember thoseJournolists“?)

I have written in the past how those who propagandize for the State’s expansion including in its police power are on the Left, and that includes the war propagandists and warmongers such as Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and the neocons. The neocons are on the Left because they favor government expansion, especially overseas in their coveting of foreigners’ lands and natural resources.

In contrast, the people on the genuine “Right” are the individualists who believe in private property, voluntary contracts and voluntary association, as well as genuine civil liberties, due process, the presumption of innocence and the philosophy of “live and let live.”

However, those people who, in the old days, would speak of “civil liberties” had mainly been on the Left, but largely were opposed to private property rights and support State-confiscations of workers’ and producers’ earnings and wealth. Those are not true advocates of “civil liberties” and “live and let live.”

And SOME of the so-called “Tea Party” people are genuine individualists and private property-advocates. They believe in “small government.” They uncompromisingly oppose policies such as ObamaCare. This is why the Obama IRS was criminally harassing Tea Party groups.

But you see, the Republican Party, which has been ruled by Establishment Big Government expansionists and warmongers since the 1950s, had also been shunning of Tea Partiers and libertarians, as we saw in the Boehners and the McConnells ousting Tea Party Republicans from key committees. They and the neocons are just as communistic as the leftists.

And also among these Establishment warmongering leftist Republicans and Democrat elitists have been those cheering on the Iraq war and now war on Iran and Syria. These people (and the millions of American dupes who swallow their war propaganda) have been promoting the myth that what motivates Islamic terrorists is only their religious fanaticism and their hatred for “America’s freedom and values.” But the propagandists have been refusing to admit that what motivates the Muslims and terrorists against America is our government‘s actions overseas on their territories for decades and decades, slaughtering their people and destroying their countries, well before 9/11.

For example, Glenn Greenwald had this post in 2010 on Charles Krauthammer’s intentionally leaving out part of a quotation by a terror suspect in which the suspect stated clearly that, like most of the other terror suspects thus far, he is retaliating against the U.S. government’s violent and intrusive actions on Muslim lands overseas. But Krauthammer’s intentional omission was to further the “religious fanatic” element as the terrorists’ sole motivation, a propagandistic way for Krauthammer to incite anti-Muslim sentiment to help get the American people’s approval for more war.

This propaganda ties in with Lawrence O’Donnell’s propaganda in that both are defenders of State violence and the police state, the Left domestically and the neocons in foreign affairs. And we wouldn’t have terrorism against us if our stupid government bureaucrats weren’t provoking those foreigners, invading one country after another especially since the elder President George Bush invaded Iraq in 1991. We wouldn’t have had a Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent siege if it weren’t for our stupid government bureaucrats and their biased media State propagandists.

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