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American Zombies Support Our Police State

I have posted several articles recently telling of the disturbing trend toward a further armed and strengthened police state and further disarmed civilian population. And while I’ve been wanting to write a post or article about all this, I’ve been procrastinating doing so, because, well, it really is quite terrifying, all this stuff that’s really happening. A lot of people are in denial, but a lot more people are extremely ignorant and clueless about what’s going on. Then there are those other ones who approve of the increasing strengthening of the armed government and disarming of the civilian population.

First, Jim Karger at Dollar Vigilante wrote an article suggesting that, when government police or military come for your guns, you will give them your guns, or be killed. He made some good points as far as the reality of just how heavily armed and militarized local government-monopolized police departments are now. And I did write this article regarding Barack Obomber’s “FEMA camps” which really will be used by federal goons to detain political dissidents and protesters when there will be a financial collapse and civil unrest in Amerika.

So, if that happens, or if these goons attempt to kidnap or harm you and your family, some people (such as Karger, I suppose) are suggesting that, to save your life, you need to just submit and obey and go with them. But I’m not sure about that. If you happen to be someone who has spoken out against the Regime, criticized Obama or Bush or Willard, then there’s a good chance that you (or your family) may not even survive such a trip to the “FEMA camps,” and you might as well fight back to protect yourself and your family.

However, in the past month or so, there is a totally brand new twist to all this. That UN Arms Trade Treaty, in which, if Obama signs it, supposedly it gives foreign troops not only the “right” to trespass on our lands, but gives them some kind of authority to confiscate Americans‘ guns!

First, no treaty signed by some President gives foreigners the “right” to trespass on our lands, public or private. And second, when foreign troops do trespass on our lands, Americans must consider that an invasion, and an act of war, regardless of intentions.

So the suggestion that American police officers or military personnel would be coming to your home and unconstitutionally confiscating your guns is bad enough. But that foreign troops would be at your home, at your door insisting that you hand over your guns? In that case especially, if they are foreign troops, then of course you have a right to defend yourself from them and protect yourself and your family. Jim Karger says that they will have heavy armaments and perhaps tanks outside or drones above waiting to incinerate any household who refuses to comply. But if there is widespread civil unrest, rioting and violence, then, if you are disarmed, chances are you will get killed anyway without any means to defend yourself.

Another aspect of the current President signing a gun-confiscation treaty with foreign governments and allowing foreign troops into the U.S. to invade our country: The recent abuses by Obama such as NDAA are acts of turning the military against Americans and thus treasonous. But inviting foreign troops into the country especially to forcibly disarm Americans is even more an act of treason! I still can’t believe that no one in Congress has yet to submit articles of impeachment of Obama for the unconstitutional and treasonous acts he has already been committing, from Fast and Furious to the drug war to NDAA and setting up FEMA prison camps! What a bunch of spineless, limp-wristed losers in CONgress!

At the Dollar Vigilante blog, Jeff Berwick has a follow-up post to Karger’s on the gun confiscation. Berwick adds some more reality of what Amerika has become now. Good luck in fighting back when the local police are aiding and abetting the federal military’s (and foreigners’!) crimes that these government goons will be committing against you.

The recent false flag in Aurora is another good example of how governments use false flags to disarm their own people. Even Republicans support disarming law-abiding, innocent and decent civilians.

A lot of people are really in denial, though. They really can’t imagine the possibility that our own government could turn their armaments and weaponry against its own people. I’ve even put together a page you can see toward the top of this blog titled “USSA Amerika,” with many links to articles describing what a totalitarian police state Amerika has become.

And also, most people are clueless about the real future of Amerika, as long as the system of central planning stays in place. They just can’t imagine that the entire system could collapse and that widespread civil and social unrest and massive rioting could occur. Also food shortages and food riots, again because of monetary and agricultural central planning and controls. Most people are not prepared. (I know I’m not.)

Of course, because a lot of people don’t actually read what they are looking at — because they have a 0ne-second attention span and because of their cell phone, TV-watching and texting addictions — they do not actually understand the concepts of what is being discussed in the articles I link to on my “USSA Amerika” page. But also, the content of those articles is terrifying, and one tends to not want to believe what the article is saying. And also, most people have never heard about many of those things being discussed, certainly not from their much-trusted mainstream media news sources. They really see all that and really assume it’s all just a bunch of “conspiracy theory” stuff.

Another reason for such denial is that many people, brainwashed by government-controlled schooling for 12 or 16 years, believe in this severely-ingrained idea of “American Exceptionalism.” They actually believe that America is “exceptional,” or that our government has the Godly right to trespass on foreign lands and confiscate privately-owned civilian firearms from foreigners, as our beloved troops did to the people of Iraq.

Many American Exceptionalists, it seems to me, believe that it is okay for our government to set up military bases on those foreign lands, but it’s not okay for foreign governments to set up their military bases here on our lands. Why, that would be absurd! (Given what traitor Obama has been doing, it wouldn’t surprise me if he signs some treaty with some foreign regime to allow it to put its own military base in Texas of California.)

But many Exceptionalists are moral relativists, and they are selfish, self-centered narcissists and believe that they and their country rule the world, that natural resources on foreign lands belong to Americans (but that natural resources here in the U.S. don’t belong to foreigners). But not only is their country, good ol’ US of A, the greatest country ever, but our government — yes, that one in D.C. with the skyrocketing debt, one federal abuse of power after another, the most corrupt and criminal bureaucrats ever in the history of humankind, yeah, that U.S. government — is the greatest government ever. People really believe that, and they worship the federal government, and they sheepishly and gullibly and naively believe the lies and propaganda the government bureaucrats tell them. And most people would never, ever believe that the corrupt criminals in D.C. would ever turn the guns on the American people, suppress our rights of free speech, political dissent, freedom of religion, due process (!), or our right of self-defense. (Despite the fact that the monsters have already been doing that for a long time, especially since 9/11.)

It is not easy living amongst a population of zombies.

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