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21st Century American Culture: Sick Degenerates Who Remain Infants Forever

Because yet another goofball Republican made yet another goofy statement — Rep. Todd Akin’s remarks about “legitimate rape” and “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down” — we have yet another goofball Democrat, Sen. Barbara Boxer making even more goofier remarks about “sick” Republicans who hate their mothers. Actually, both the Republicrats and the Demopublicans are sick, in their promoting irresponsibility, sexual perversion, war and the destruction of society and degradation of culture.

But it is the Left and Democrats, in their obsession with sexuality but more specifically a deranged attitude of sexuality that distorts their capacity for reason and logic, that changes their priorities from those of civil liberties to issues of sex-obsession, as Michael Savage referred to last night on his show. Savage was talking about the Obama executive order given in March, the “National Defense Resources Preparedness” executive order that includes the “induction” of civilians into labor for the government, a civilian draft, as well as a complete government takeover of resources including agriculture, water, energy, and health resources. (Jim Powell’s analysis at CATO here, and also see this and this. But despite knowing how dangerous the dictator Obama is, Hot Air pundit Ed Morrissey thinks this executive order is no big deal. Go figure. I guess he doesn’t know about the origins of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.) But did the Left-progressives express any concern about this or other Obama executive orders? Nope.

Savage is correct about the Left and Hollywood elites, whose obsession with abortion and sexual perversions is more important to them than civil liberties. Otherwise, they, too, would be alarmed with Obama’s executive orders, his cracking down on medical marijuana, his drone bombings and murders of innocent civilians overseas, his keeping Gitmo open and continuing the needless torture of innocent people to extract false confessions and falsely implicate others, and, of course, Obama’s signing the Pinochet-Chile-like NDAA into law, itself a “clear and present danger” to us all.

But to Barbara Boxer, only Republicans are sick. Some of them are, including apparently Todd Akin. But there would be far fewer abortions in the past 40 years had our entire culture not declined into degradation and degeneration as it has. The cultural decline in America and mass immediate-gratification-obsession have coincided with the growth of government and the decline in personal responsibility.

I think that to Barbara Boxer, the “war on women” includes people who don’t want to pay for others’ birth control pills or their abortions, or religious-based organizations who don’t want to provide abortion services. That’s a “war on women.” Boxer, of course, doesn’t agree with the idea of freedom of conscience, and she does agree that the government should redistribute your income over to others who do not have a right to it.

But why does this so-called “women’s movement” require that women act like babies and not take responsibility for themselves and their own lives? If you can’t afford birth control pills, then, if that aspect of your selfish id-satisfying, immediate-gratification cravings is so important to you, then sacrifice something less important, like your cable TV, or don’t pay for both iPhones and iPads and their services. It’s called “budgeting,” part of that old-fashioned notion called “personal responsibility.” But our declined culture is now so selfish that people demand that others pay for their selfish pleasures and the consequences of them.

This is reflected on a grander scale by our selfish Congress, who are living high-off-the-hog at the expense of millions of people whose incomes are being siphoned off by these criminals (And by the Federal Reserve.)

But the other day, Michael Graham was discussing this article in the U.K. Telegraph by a Catherine Hakim on the idea of married people having “playfairs,” a “21st-century affair in which would-be adulterers meet, via specialist dating websites, to enjoy the excitement of an illicit relationship without any of the domestic fallout.” This nutcase obviously doesn’t understand the idea of what marriage is all about. Marriage is for grown adults who are responsible and believe in commitment. But these “playfair” clowns, in their infantile need for constant immediate gratification pleasures, refuse to grow up and stop being little babies lying on their backs in the crib peeing in their diapers.

The degenerated American culture is so degenerated because of the refusal of grown adults to accept personal responsibility. This has been reinforced for a century by the growth in governmental powers and control, such as FDR’s Social Security scheme in which people’s right to determine and control their own retirements is seized from them, and other schemes in which government bureaucrats exploit crises as means to seize more and more power and control away from the masses. This has affected just about every aspect of daily life in society, from education to healthcare to the drug war and to people’s repressive sexual attitudes.

Why are so many people so constantly unsatisfied sexually in their relationships and marriages? Is it because people in general are so unsatisfied with their lives emotionally, or because so many people are so dependent and want to be treated like babies? I think that what is truly repressive is the trend of generations of people encouraging their children to start having sex at earlier ages when they are still not emotionally prepared for it. Some people believe that “denying the satisfactions of one’s urges” is itself repressive, but it’s really the opposite of that, at least with teens. The “liberal” parents intend to avoid sexual repression, but they are creating it. In my view, sexual repression is because people are becoming sexually active at younger ages. Given how emotionally immature adolescents are, their involving their newly-discovered sexuality with others, with their peers, is in my view a kind of invitation for violation, mainly because they are too emotionally immature to handle such intimacies. And later in life, no wonder so many people are so sexually unsatisfied in their marriages, because of all the repressed feelings coming from their adolescence associated with their private sexual lives being violated by others (like their parents, as well as peers).

And now along with the growth in government’s size, power and control, we have a police state, in which these armed agents of the State criminally violate our persons, homes, cars, and effects on a daily basis, and it’s getting worse and worse. And so many of the sheeple don’t mind their lives and persons and homes being violated at the commands of police because of generations now of people who were raised to welcome intrusions and violations into their lives in the most personal and intimate ways.

If only our “rulers” and “leaders” over the past century could have set examples to follow, as far as showing of self-respect, personal responsibility, respect for others, self-control and patience are concerned. President Wilson unnecessarily entered the U.S. into World War I, despite treaties in the works in 1917, extending and worsening that war. President Truman murdered thousands of innocent civilians in Japan, even though  the Japanese were already going to surrender. FDR’s stealing of gold, and making everyday businessmen criminals, LBJ’s Vietnam, the Bushes with two unnecessary and illegal Iraq wars and all the blowback that makes us less safe, the list goes on and on. But the degenerated American people do not seem to learn, as we sink deeper and deeper into the quicksand of a sex-obsessed, death-obsessed culture.

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