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60 Minutes Story on Jack Abramoff: Tells the Truth About Our Inherently Corrupt System

Last night 60 Minutes ran their story on Congressional lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Now, I don’t watch TV, thank God, but WBZ radio simulcasts the audio of 60 Minutes Sunday nights. It was interesting to hear just how easily corruptible politicians are.

They are all a part of a government territorial monopoly, which institutionalizes criminality and can never be “fixed” or “reformed.” That is because it is a system of monopoly in which the entire population is compelled to use its “services,” obey its made-up “laws,” and in which the rulers are above the law. Isn’t it time that people begin to at least question the legitimacy of such a system?

No one should be above the law. The hopeful idealists out there need to overcome their denial. At the very least, we need to abolish the central-planning, federal form of government that rules over us, and return full sovereignty and independence to the states. Everything needs to be decentralized and localized, and private property and contract rights need to be restored. Perhaps I am unrealistically idealistic and hopeful that we somehow can do that soon to avoid and prevent the economic collapse that is inherently inevitable with such a Leviathan monopoly system.

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