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Western Governments: Symbols of Advanced Human Civilization

Many thanks now to the U.S. government’s “War on Terror,” the excuse for bureaucrats to further expand an already bloated federal government for the sake of power grabs of the elites and not anything to do with protecting 300 million Americans from terrorism. We now live in a banana republic dictatorship, in which the President may arrest and detain indefinitely, or murder anyone he wants and for any reason, without being required to show any evidence against the accused. Those who criticize the imbeciles of government and those who dissent from the Establishment Rule are being targeted. They must be silenced.

Speech and the freedom to express one’s views, even those that a majority of people perceive to be loathsome views, are no longer rights as protected by the First Amendment. The American culture’s modern phenomenon of political correctness, in which the littlest comment might offend someone and is therefore to be suppressed or punished, is a side effect of the government’s increasing war on dissent and criticism of the Regime.

In his column today, Andrew Napolitano asks, Can the Secret Service Tell You to Shut Up?  This is in reference to the bill passed in Congress and signed into law by Herr Obama to allow the Secret Service to, according to The Judge, “designate any place they wish as a place where free speech, association and petition of the government are prohibited. And it permits the Secret Service to make these determinations based on the content of speech.” (Why didn’t Rand Paul vote against this totalitarian crap? Just asking.)

And in the People’s Republic of the U.K., a young, presumably Muslim guy was arrested and charged with “racially aggravated public-order offense,” for his angry tirade on a Facebook page. The kid expressed anger at the attention that British soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan received, whereas no one seems to notice the innocent families, the women and children murdered in Afghanistan on a daily basis. His language may have been “abusive,” and the government is concentrating on the alleged racial aspects of his tirade (which don’t exist), just because the kid is brown-skinned and the soldiers were white. And the media attention this is getting in U.K. seems to be concentrating on that racial tension as well. But this is really another in the governments’ war on free speech and the right to criticize the government and its crimes against innocents.

Governments initiate aggressions against its own people, against foreigners on other territories, and the bigger and more powerful the regime (such as the U.S.) the more intrusive, aggressive, brutal, dictatorial, repressive and murderous it will be. It is a natural consequence of allowing some people — government bureaucrats, police, soldiers — to be above the law, the same law, the rule of law, that all other non-government subjects must obey and follow.

In the “War on Terror,” the government has also been cracking down on the investigation and reporting on the illicit actions of the government. Governments and their bureaucrats especially do not want to allow journalists to uncover and expose the crimes of these governments, so they will expand their dictates against speech, the Press, and investigations.

One latest act of suppression of the Press by Herr Obama, according to Glenn Greenwald, has been Obama’s personal role in the imprisonment of a Yemeni journalist who helped to uncover that it was the U.S. military under Obama’s direction, and not the Yemeni military, that launched a drone attack that murdered many women and children (and not “militants”), as the State’s stenographers including the New York Times erroneously reported. Obama is cracking down on those reporters who dare to uncover the truth about who is doing what and to whom.

Meanwhile, the Left and progressives are silent as far as criticizing Obama is concerned, as opposed to their outrage at George W. Bush, even though Obama’s crimes have been more egregious. The Left have been intentionally suppressing the truth about Obama, as Conor Friedersdorf pointed out this week.

Ans as the Obama Administration continues to prosecute people for providing “material support” to terrorists, Glenn Greenwald also notes that Washington is filled with very influential hacks and elite bum-kissers who themselves are apparent terrorist-supporters in their cahoots with the Iranian group, MEK, or Mojahedin-e Khalq. Meanwhile, Obama and his minions continue to terrorize Americans at airports, on the highways with VIPR teams, federal S.W.A.T raids on innocent raw milk producers and farmers who provide actual food for their neighbors. And Obama and his minions continue to terrorize and murder innocent Afghans, Pakistanis, Yemenis, and probably soon Syrians and Iranians.

But we better crack down on those who protest government encroachments, abuses, and violence. We better suppress speech of those with whom we disagree. Such as abortion protesters. According to this article, the pro-abortion crowd doesn’t like seeing protesters who are pro-life. So those who protest the murders of innocent unborn human beings, and those who protest the murders of innocent foreigners are to be silenced, arrested, and imprisoned.

My, how our society has advanced and progressed. A pro-death, anti-life society.

A recent poll asked people if they thought Obama was a Muslim. Many people thought so. The truth is, Obama is neither Muslim nor Christian. He is a statist. He, like millions and millions of Americans (and Brits, Chinese, Iranians, and more), worships the State. The State is their god. Don’t you dare go against the State. Don’t you dare question or criticize the State. And, God forbid, don’t even think about uncovering actual evidence of the crimes of the State, or you’ll be punished. Just ask Bradley Manning.

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