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Some Misc. Thoughts (Warning: Some Political Incorrectness)

I’m really getting sick of all this.

Controversial TV personality Bill Maher donated $1 million to an Obama for reelection PAC. Many are in an uproar at the hypocrisy of Maher who referred to Sarah Palin as a c-word among other insults, while Rush Limbaugh was pressured to apologize to a Catholic university law student for referring to her as a “slut.”

But, in my opinion, here is what Maher has done: Bill Maher has now financially endorsed the continued daily Obama-drone murders of innocent civilians overseas. Bill Maher has spent 1 million dollars in his endorsement of the NDAA law that gives Obama the power to have the military arrest and detain indefinitely any American Obama says is a “terrorist” or a “terrorist supporter,” even without any evidence to prove it. And Bill Maher has, of course, endorsed and paid for Obama’s power to murder anyone he calls a “terrorist” anywhere in the world, including Americans, including in their own homes, without showing any evidence to prove it.

Jim Davies has this piece at Strike the Root on the “God Question,” that links back to a previous article at that website. I think that Jim Davies might be one of those types who has the assumption that no god or creator exists (and my reference to God is as Creator). I have tried to make the point that, if you want evidence to show that a creator exists that created life then you can look in the mirror.

We really have two choices, in my opinion: Either we were created by some being of higher intelligence (yes, I know that we evolved from earlier forms, but I believe we were still created), or life as we come to understand it just happened to occur through random matter and particles just happening to come together to form such complex things as our heart and circulatory system, our brain and eyes and optic nerve, and concepts such as consciousness and thought and emotions. Do you really want to suggest that such complex things just happened to come to be out of total randomness and spontaneity? Well, to believe that would have to be out of faith, given the odds against it.

Aside from that, I don’t think it is constructive to ridicule people who believe in God or Creator, or to ridicule someone who believes there is no god and no creator. And I don’t particularly view my above assertions as out of any religious beliefs, because I am not particularly religious. In fact, to this day, I can’t understand how so many people still take the Bible as “The Word.” In my opinion, as I have noted here, the reason we have many decades of conflicts now associated with Israel is because of the Christian Zionists’, the Jewish Zionists’ and the Political Zionists’ century-long insistence that Israel or Palestine and ONLY that one territory MUST be the place for Jews worldwide, and based solely on their Bible, and for no other reason.

Sibel Edmonds has this post asserting that the black population in America would be up in arms over Obama’s re-colonization of Africa were he a white president doing it. I agree with that. Thanks to America’s government-controlled schools, and the imbeciles they produce, most Americans — black, white, and all points between — are clueless.

Electing a black president, the 1964-65 Civil Rights Act, Affirmative Action, and other race-based laws and programs have done nothing good for race relations in the U.S. In 2008, Obomber had no record of achievement, but was good at reading off a teleprompter. Many people voted for him just because he was black, and they said so publicly. As long as each generation continues to pass along a collectivist way of thinking, this ignorance, this crap, will never end.

Racism is of collectivism. But America was founded on principles associated with individualism, individual freedom and individual rights. The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. said we should view people not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Obama is someone of low-class character, and I’m not afraid to say it, just as George W. Bush is of low-class character. Anyone who STARTS a war is of the lowest, criminal class in my opinion. Starting wars against others, initiating war of aggression where YOU are the aggressor, is evil and is the beginning of new problems that beget even more problems. Just look at Iraq and Afghanistan. Only evil, imbecilic morons START wars! And they don’t really think in the long-term of possible or likely consequences. For example, Benjamin Netanyahu (a.k.a. Nutty-Yahoo) will probably START a war on Iran, for no good reason, which will result in much blowback against Israel by Iran and/or the surrounding Muslim countries who will attack Israel on behalf of their fellow Muslims in Iran.

Many people have asserted that TPTB want there to be race riots in America with the chaos that an economic or societal collapse could bring about. TPTB want black people to blame white people, they want white people to blame black people, they want a war on immigrants, and they want what may be an increasing war between government/police and civilians. Anything to “Divide and Conquer.” TPTB want America to destroy itself as a nation, and then say that the “freedom experiment” didn’t work, and that multiculturalism and the “melting pot” don’t work. (And Bill Maher is funding all this with his waste of $1 million!)

The real cause of society’s problems has been the State, its aggressions against civilians, and its interferences in the people’s private, personal and economic lives. The problems of society will never end until you have real freedom, where all associations, relationships and contracts are voluntary, and coercion, force, and aggression are not allowed. A civilized, healthy and prosperous society will be one in which no individual may be permitted to be above the law, and there are otherwise no restrictions on anyone’s life as long as they do not initiate aggression against others. And that includes NO MONOPOLY by anyone in territorial protection or in community policing and security.

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