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Student Loan Debts vs. Independence and Responsibility

Yves Smith has this post on biased studies, one of which the conclusion is that having more debt is helpful to students’ “self-esteem.” Smith is probably correct about the propagandish nature of the study. In actuality, what is probably more helpful to students’ or post-college young adults’ self-esteem is independence and autonomous self-support, with an absence of debt. Absence of debt goes with higher self-esteem and independence because being in debt means that one is beholden to others. Being in debt and beholden to others is more in line with dependence, not independence. But perhaps that is what the propagandists want: mass dependence, especially on the financial elite, TPTB.

Looking at the idea of debt on a larger scale, we can see that the Congressjerks in Washington continuously increase the national debt, for which they have enslaved Americans and future generations, in the name of the Congressjerks’ personal pet projects (i.e. pork), in the name of receiving more campaign contributions from the corporate welfare parasites such as military contractors, Big Pharma, Big Agra, Big Farming, and, of course, the snorting and grunting hogs of Wall Street.

The Congressjerks and their contributors are themselves dependent on the hard labor of the workers and producers of society, from the fruits of whose labor the parasites expropriate and squander with impunity.

Members of the senate and congress are not responsible people. And neither are presidents. The reason these people continually raise the debt ceiling is, because in their obnoxious selfishness, it is not their money nor their debt they need to worry about. These people rarely accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions, and for the consequences of their stupidity, their ill-informed decisions and votes, as well as for their own personal indiscretions. The only reason Anthony Whiner stepped down was not out of ethics or owning up to his lack of judgment in sending photos to young ladies he didn’t know, but to spare his Party further embarrassment — to spare his Party any further tarnishing against its credibility. (Like either Party in Washington has any credibility left whatsoever!)

When we know that George W. Bush’s war in Iraq, costing the lives of 5,000 Americans and causing tens of thousands of wounded young Americans — many disabled for life — as well as hundreds of thousands of murdered innocent Iraqis and a destroyed Iraq, not to mention the trillions Bush had squandered on behalf of military contractors’ fattened bank accounts, when we know that this war was for Bush to finish the job his Dad started and to use toward Junior’s reelection campaign, and that it was all based on lies, fabricated evidence and documentation, but we do not hold this Bush responsible for the consequences of his “high crimes and misdemeanors,” his murderous war crimes, then I suppose that sends a message to America’s youth that you do not have to be responsible for yourself or your bad decisions (or your crimes).

Regarding the students, graduates and their loans and debts, the message used to be that if you defaulted on student loans, then you’ll probably get treated leniently or maybe even be excused from the debt. Now, the feds, going broke and desperate, want the money, and are willing to use police S.W.A.T. teams to break into people’s homes and terrorize families to get that money.

But the culture has encouraged students to get loans for college even if they may not be needing them. And it encouraged the Big Banks to commit mortgage and lending fraud, and foreclosure fraud as well, but lately people are starting to wake up to all this. Americans are finally beginning to question the culture of dependence, debt, and irresponsibility. At least some Americans are.

We need to discourage young people from going into debt, and encourage them to be more responsible and frugal. It is also wise to advise the youngins at age 17-18 to consider working full-time rather then going to college. They can start at age 16 working part-time, and try to turn that into full-time when they graduate from high school.

Of course, for those with the desire to enter fields such as medicine, undergraduate college is probably necessary, what with all the labs for bio and chem that are required. However, ObamaCare is a good disincentive toward entering the field of medicine, unless you desire to be a slave of the State as a government doctor, which is ultimately what ObamaCare will turn the entire medical system into.

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