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Could Chinese Ghost Cities Be a Possible Place for Americans to Live?

Israel Curtis posted this video of China’s ghost cities and malls that are a result of the Chinese government’s central planning on the Mises Institute blog. I was amazed to see just how extensive a communist country’s own “shovel-ready stimulus project” could turn out to contain such emptiness, the empty stores and malls and empty apartment buildings. They have several cities in China just like the one being highlighted in the video, Zhengzhou.

64 million vacant apartments? But I just can’t understand how a country that has been struggling with an “over-population problem” for several decades (to such an extent that the government forces a one-child-per-family policy, enforced with mandatory abortion etc.) could have so many vacant housing units, and such empty malls and stores, especially given how, supposedly the Chinese economy has been booming. Booming for the businessman, that is, as far as Chinese finance and investment professionals go. But not the average citizen, who, according to the video narrator, earns approx. $6,000 per year (if I heard that correctly).

One item of information the narrator gave was that many of the housing units are prospective individually-owned condo units, that are way too expensive for the average Chinese citizen to afford. Perhaps the Chinese government foresees some kind of huge economic boom in the years ahead that will benefit the majority of the Chinese. Perhaps they see rich (and not-so-rich) Americans getting so fed up with what the U.S. government is doing to America that Americans are seeing China as a good alternative place to live.

Here is that video:

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