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So Many Hacks, So Little Time

Well, after all the Town Hall meetings and Tea Parties, and the 2009 elections in New Jersey, NY and Virginia, it’s time for a break from political annoyances–NOT!

In Massachusetts, the Special Election to find a hack to replace the late Senator Kennedy is in just two months, and the party primaries are in just a few weeks! I’m already exhausted. But does it really matter which statist hack will replace Kennedy? No, not really. It will be the same old thing for the victims, I mean, subjects, I mean, voters in this bluest of blue states.

But there are so many hacks, and there is just so little time. Take our front-runner, Attorney General Martha Coakley. Please.

Just this week, the Boston Globe revealed that, in 1995 when she was the Middlesex County DA, Coakley had a “closed-door” meeting that resulted in child-molesting priest John Geoghan’s one-year probation instead of any prosecution.

….Coakley, then the head of the Middlesex child abuse unit, had Geoghan in her sights and took a dramatically different approach. Back then, three grade-school brothers told investigators that Geoghan had inappropriately touched them during numerous visits to their Waltham home, and had made lewd telephone calls to them. Rather than prosecute, Coakley agreed to grant Geoghan a year of probation in a closed-door proceeding that received no media attention at all…In those interviews, the boys described several instances of touching, including one where Geoghan soaped up one of the brothers in the shower…..“Father Geoghan came in and was standing and then was sitting on the toilet and looking at him through the curtains,’’ Coakley wrote in the two-page letter. “He stated that [Geoghan] gave him a back rub while he was in the shower soaping him up.’’….Coakley, in her interview with the Globe, said the touching described by the boys did not rise to the accepted definition of indecent assault because the brothers never said that Geoghan touched the parts of their bodies that a court would consider private.

Right on, Martha! And, according to the Boston Herald’s Holly Robichaud, ACORN’s 2008 scorecard rates Coakley an A+. Isn’t that reassuring?

“General” Coakley’s a real hack’s hack. How fitting that she will probably replace Ted Kennedy, hack of all hacks. (Oh, grow up, plenty of time has passed since his death–we can be honest again!) I’m sure the roto-writers of the Globe ran this story now because  they will probably endorse US Rep. Mike Capuano (Have the swallows returned to Capuano?) There is a reason that the “Morrissey Boulevard Bum-Kissers” (as the Herald’s Howie Carr calls them) would endorse Capuano: because his vacant Congressional seat paves the way for former Rep. Joe Kennedy’s son, Little Joe, grand-nephew of the late senior senator.

And then there’s Boston Celtics part-owner and former Bain Capital partner Steve Pagliuca. Make that Steve Alleypuka. He barfs me out! Yech! To stimulate the economy, he wants to raise the capital gains tax.


Maybe he means raise the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE!! What planet is this guy from?

And that’s just the Democrats. Now the Republicans who want to replace Kennedy: (You mean, there are Republicans in  Massachusetts? There are a few, yes.) There’s state senator Scott Brown.  His views are similar to those of John McCain and Bob Dole, if that’s any indication. He supported Willard Mitt Romney’s Mandatory Health Insurance Law. He “Voted to increase the use of clean energy biofuel in MA,” “consistently supported funds for town recycling programs,” “voted for statewide Climate Change standards to reduce pollution,” “led the effort to promote alternative energy vehicles,” etc., according to his website. Had enough? Although, he is pro-gun rights. Sounds a lot like John McCain. We sure do need another John McCain, don’t we?

If Sen. Brown leaves the state senate (not likely), that will leave 4 Republicans in the 40-member senate, and, if Sen. Richard Tisei is elected Lt. Governor next year, that will then make it 3 remaining Republicans. Don’t count on any new Republicans elected to the Massachusetts state senate next year.

And finally, let us not forget “frequent candidate” Jack E. Robinson. Robinson has Law and Business degrees from Harvard, an extensive entrepreneurial business career, but otherwise has typical Massachusetts crazy leftist views and a somewhat questionable personal history. Nothing unusual.

Where’s Carla Howell when you need her?

Things in this state won’t change very much any time soon, replacing hacks with more hacks who support more government control over everything imaginable. These candidates who want to replace Ted Kennedy have given a common message: “Move out of Massachusetts!”

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