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Even Soldiers Should Exercise Their Right To Bear Arms

Regarding this Fort Hood shooting incident yesterday, I would like to know why there wasn’t someone around who was armed to shoot that guy after he shot his first victim, to prevent him from shooting the next forty or fifty that he shot. Soldiers are Americans, too, you know, and they should’ve been able to exercise their rights to bear arms and of self-defense. This is very similar to that Virginia Tech shooting.

And this is a military facility? Would the number of victims have been much fewer had this been private security training grounds? My guess is, yes. This fiasco may very well be another example of how we might be better off by privatizing our defense.

Many people assume that defense is just one of those areas that only government can or should do.

However, the government has been running our military and security, and look at how security at airports and other travel areas is still lax after 8 years following 9/11, and look at these military escapades abroad that are getting increasingly quagmirish and futile. That is because Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush turned defense into “offense,” and into incompetence, recklessness, and self-destruction. And we still don’t have protected borders, thanks to the more recent Bush and Barack Obama.

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