Aug 302014

Brandon Smith says that the time is ripe for a false flag terror attack on American soil. I disagree. Not out of being overly optimistic, but based on TPTB’s awareness that 9/11 facts are coming out (as Justin Raimondo discusses here) and many more people are more alert to that sort of thing. What do you think?

But Lew Rockwell is optimistic regarding the so-called libertarian moment, regardless of the New York Times‘ relying on statists and beltarians’ take on “libertarianism.”

Wendy McElroy says it is good to laugh at and ridicule the Rulers.

Sayer Ji discusses a psy-ops story denying the vaccine-autism link.

Arthur Silber discusses his readers’ reactions to his previous post on the Robin Williams suicide.

Paul Bonneau writes about the good and the bad of Constitutionalism.

And Uri Avnery says the Israel-Gaza war is a war for nothing.

Aug 282014

Well, the constantly offended kvetches are out really out there now. This time it’s the ultra-conservatives, the anti-”anti-Semitism” crowd who are extremely bothered by the Metropolitan Opera’s upcoming performances of The Death of Klinghoffer, a 1991 opera by composer John Adams. The opera is a musical dramatic portrayal of the true story of Palestinian hijackers who murdered an elderly American in 1985. Criticisms of the opera, such as by writers at the American Thinker and neocon former Congressman Allen West’s website, are solely out of ignorance and emotion. I have written about the opera, and about the censoring of the HD simulcasts at theaters — and no, it is not an example of “Jew hatred” as the “Thinker” suggests.

And it isn’t just a boycott or protest against the performances these people want — they want to shut down the performances entirely, by suggesting that people write to the Met’s General Manager Peter Gelb to cancel the whole thing. And they are suggesting pressuring corporate sponsors and donors as well, to punish the opera company financially for carrying on with the performances.

But isn’t censorship and suppression what the Left constantly does, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, Media Matters etc.? Isn’t it leftists who attempt to silence and  censor what they find distasteful or disagree with (e.g. banning Hans Hoppe from Sweden and Finland, banning Ann Coulter from Canada, banning Michael Savage from the U.K., wanting to jail “deniers” of global warming, etc)?

Now, now, reactionaries, there is no reason to fear that opera. If you don’t like it, then don’t go see it. Or advise others not to see it. Or stand on the streets at Lincoln Center during the performances holding signs expressing what ignoramuses you are. But remember, it’s only an opera. An opera can’t hurt anyone.

And an opera can’t hurt Jews. Don’t worry about it.

Aug 272014

I am thinking about putting a “donate” button on the blog here that would link to PayPal, but I’m uncomfortable with that kind of thing. It’s something I have never done before, so I’m not sure about it. Maybe I will do that.

When I first started with the writing and this blog in 2009 it was part of my generally hoping that I could eventually get an income from working from my home computer. I have had some medical and stress-related issues for quite a few years and, while I really don’t want to air my dirty laundry in public, I’ll admit that my parents have been helping me out financially, and for that I am extremely grateful to them.

And I am also very appreciative of Lew Rockwell for allowing me to have so many of my articles on, as well as the people of the other websites who have published some of my articles, including Strike the Root, Activist Post, and American Thinker.

This past year I have not written as much in articles and on this blog as I wish I could have written. I really believe that if I could resolve a few issues, including financial and location, then I probably can be able to write a lot more.

Regarding my writing, as I have noted before, some of my earlier writing may have been a bit “vitriolic” but I have since toned it down. However, occasionally some of my bitterness and sarcasm comes to the surface, and that’s just the way it is. There have been those occasions in which I have called people “brainwashed zombies,” “gullible sheeple,” “Archie Bunkers” and “communists,” etc., because I calls it like I sees it. Some people don’t like it, and others find it humorous. And others agree with me.

But, if you don’t mind my saying so, I believe that some of my most recent articles have been some of my best, in my opinion, despite all the stress I’ve been under for the past year or so. For example, there were my recent articles on discrimination/political correctness fascism, American Exceptionalism, and my post on Adam Lanza and Elliot Rodger and my more extensive article on Lanza and Rodger and their video game obsessions. I probably received the most number of emails in response to my recent article on why I am not a Zionist, and I would say that at least 95% of them were favorable. Some of my blog posts which got a lot of attention include one on the Metropolitan Opera’s political hot potato, several posts on Justina Pelletier’s ordeal, and the one on Rick Santorum’s authoritarianism. And I have also touched on some other very light subjects as the Iraq war, police socialism, due process, the decay of the military, martial lawcivil unrest, and the right to secede. (After all that stuff, more people will want to secede, that’s for sure.)

While I haven’t really written much about myself personally, I will say that I am over 50 and would like to move out of this area, as it is not good. The blue states seem to have gotten very police-state now, certainly not “liberal,” not by a long shot. In Massachusetts in the past couple of years, a ban on driving on any Massachusetts roads during Blizzard of 2013 or else $500 fine or jail, Nazi police door-to-door searches in Watertown after the Marathon bombings, and mandatory fingerprinting of teachers with such info given to an FBI database, etc. Just what is going to happen around here when the economic collapse occurs and the civil unrest is many times worse than in Ferguson, Missouri?

And I realize that my mentioning that my parents have been helping me financially for a while might make me look like a hypocrite, given that I have written quite a bit against “dependence” and so forth (although my particular circumstances have been unusual). For example, I have suggested that high school students should have a part-time job and then work FT after graduating. Their employment should be the first priority followed by getting a college degree which you can do easily on a part time basis, at night, or online. There are many online opportunities now. Kids should immediately have a savings account from their high school days (or earlier) and they should only add to it, and never take out of it. (Don’t get me started on the Social Security scam. And yes, it is a scam.) That retirement money you will need when you are a senior citizen should come from your own savings, regardless of how much the government has stolen from your paychecks, because you won’t get back most or all of the money the government steals from your paychecks. I certainly don’t want to see the younger people into their 30s now being dependent on their parents as many of them seem to be now. And worse, dependent on the government, an institution which doesn’t exist. The welfare state is growing so big now that there will no longer be any actual producers to fund the dependents. And then the feds will just print more paper money and just hand it out. Which of course will be worthless, so then the producers will no longer accept the government’s monopoly money and will turn to barter for payments because they will want something of value in return for the goods and services they provide.

Now, I do have my own particular views. I think some of my views have evolved as influenced by recent years’ events, and by personal experience. And I will continue to write my views here and at other publications (I hope).

So, I think there are readers who appreciate my point of view. It’s just that I am not sure about the idea of having a “donate” button and using PayPal. But maybe I will. If you have any comments or suggestions, or questions,  please email me at scottlazarowitz “at” gmail “dot com”. And also if you have a website and need some technical help or if you write and need some editing/proofreading help please let me know. Thanks.

Aug 262014

Here is a new review by Alex Knight of Lew Rockwell’s book, Against the State: An Anarcho-Capitalist Manifesto. Now, I have gotten the book on Kindle, but this is the first time I’ve ever had Kindle and it’s taking a little time to familiarize myself with it. I’m used to scrolling on the side and going a certain way, but it seems the scrolling with Kindle is backwards, and I can’t stand that. However, if you point on the sides of the page, an arrow shows up and you can just click that to go to the next or previous page, and there is a progress bar along the bottom to click if you want to. I am slow with these newfangled things.

David D’Amato discusses the Michael Brown murder by police in Ferguson, and connects the police state with the welfare state and the “administrative” state.

Ryan Gallagher has an article on the NSA’s own secret yet obviously criminal “Google,” a private search engine for other government agencies including local law enforcement to access hundreds of billions of phone calls, emails and Internet records of innocent Americans not suspected of anything. It is nothing but a thoroughly criminal operation. (Right up the U.S. government’s alley, of course.)

Chris Hedges has this article on “Truth Dig” very critical of Israel and its propaganda machine. He mentions George Orwell and 1984, Edward Bernays the “father of public relations” i.e. propaganda, Hannah Arendt (of The Origins of Totalitarianism), and Franz Kafka. (Israel-Firsters probably won’t like Hedges’ article very much, but I like it because I believe that the truth is important.)

Marcy Wheeler shows why the NSA can’t be trusted. (Like we need any more proof…)

And Gary North analyzes Janet Yellen’s waffles and syrup.

Aug 252014

Patrice Lewis has taken to mocking feminists. (Are they that bad? But I think that the modern definition of “feminist” these days can be modified to be more accurately defined as “socialist” and “fascist,” or “socialist/fascist” because many of them now hardly support independence for women, private property ownership by women, free association for women, or the right of women to own and operate businesses free of government regulations, taxes and controls.)

Eric Margolis questions the “alleged” recent beheading by extremists.

And Robert Wenzel asks, Are evil operators pushing the President toward more war? (One thing he doesn’t mention is the Hillary factor. Just sayin’.)

Aug 232014

Federal Reserve Chairwomanperson Janet Yellen spoke at a conference at Jackson Hole, Wyoming this week, doing her usual Sgt. Schultz impressions. But does it really matter what the Fed boss thinks, or what the Fed’s next move is? No, not really. If you are not that familiar with the Federal Reserve and why the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was a bad thing and why this unaccountable agency’s central planning authority should be given the old heave-ho, you can check out this classic by Murray Rothbard, The Case Against the Fed. You can also read Robert Wenzel’s recent book, The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank, as well as a new book by Wenzel’s fellow Economic Policy Journal publisher Chris Rossini, Set Money Free: What Every American Needs To Know About The Federal ReserveAnd of course, there is Ron Paul’s book, titled after what really needs to be done: End the Fed.

Aug 232014

Claire Wolfe has a lengthy post on the possible (or now, likely) merger of the organizations Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership and the faux Second Amendment Foundation. Ms. Wolfe links to a petition for people to sign  to speak out against the merger. Apparently, not only did the faux Second Amendment Foundation endorse the Schumer-Toomey-Manchin universal background checks bill, but they wrote the bill themselves! But throughout the years, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has consistently promoted the rights of all individuals to possess the means to protect and defend themselves.

Also, Brandon Smith has this terrific article on who really is at fault when “anti-government” violence erupts. He certainly clarifies “militias” and the liberty movement for those who get their propaganda disguised as news from mainstream media. DHS is feeding local police and sheriffs departments with documents which are intentionally misinforming them and inflaming tensions and a fear of the civilian population for no good reason.

And further, an even more lengthy article by Edwin Vieira, Jr. discusses the “bastardy of martial law.” Vieira gets into the specific details of the Second Amendment and the right of “We the People” to be the armed militia as a protection against their own government, a federal government the early Americans knew could easily grow into a tyrannical regime (which it is now, along with all the local police getting away with one act of criminal tyranny after another).

Finally, Jeff Deist discusses police states and private markets, and how “peace officers” have turned into what government police are today, and offers the market solutions.

Aug 222014

Wendy McElroy has this article on the right of every human being to remain silent when interacting with government police. The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects your right to be free of self-incrimination. Many times, as Wendy McElroy notes, people succumb to anxiety, fear and confusion when placed in an uncomfortable situation involving police contact, and may say something without thinking first. That is why many attorneys advise people to not answer any questions when in a touchy situation involving government police. However, I believe that you are legally required to provide your name when asked, but in most states, I believe, you are not required to show your ID if you are not suspected of anything. The government police need a reason to suspect someone of something first. However, as I have noted before, last year the Supreme Court ruled that your silence could be used against you in court at a later time, regardless of your right to remain silent. But, the court also ruled in that same decision, as long as you specifically cite the constitutional source which protects your declared right to remain silent — that being the Fifth Amendment — then your silence can’t be held against you in court. Yes, citizen, the Supremes say that you must be knowledgeable of constitutional law, in order that your rights are protected.