Nov 262014

A student is suing the Loomis Union School District in Loomis, California, because of the harassment and abuse she received from the school director who scolded her and demanded a written “confession” for the student’s giving two other students a flyer for a creationism-based seminar, which the kids attended outside of school. According to WND, the school director allegedly reprimanded the student for bringing a religion-based flyer to school without the school district’s “approval.” This reminds me of the story about another student who is suing her school because her teacher humiliated her in front of the class when she brought her Bible to read certain passages for Christmas show-and-tell. The teacher interrupted the presentation immediately and told the 6-year-old to sit down. And, shockingly, that was also in California.

I don’t know what it is with these government school fascists who openly worship their god the State, but they themselves want to silence their students’ discussion of traditional religious matters. They have no idea what freedom of religion and “separation of church and State” really mean. It means that while the students have the freedom to discuss their religious views, pray, etc., at school (as long as they don’t disrupt the class, of course), on school property, during school hours, the teachers and administrators — the government employees — may not proselytize or attempt to intimidate or coerce students to believe or express certain religious beliefs or viewpoints promoted by school officials, or even by the majority of others. The First Amendment protects the people’s right to freedom of religious expression or non-expression, and it restricts the power of government bureaucrats to interfere with that. That is my view on that.

Anyway, there really is one genuinely workable solution to these conflicts, these intolerances and totalitarian-minded “teachers”: Get the government out of education!

As Laurence Vance wrote just recently,

In a free society, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, nonprofit companies, for-profit companies, religious organizations, secular organizations, and even atheist organizations would be perfectly free to operate their own schools and teach whatever they wanted to about the merits of a particular religion and the demerits of any other religion.

In a free society, nontraditional education adapted to the specific needs, interests, and religion of each individual child would flourish.

In a free society, home-schooling would be free from the meddling of government education bureaucrats. Parents would be free to provide however much or however little religious instruction they chose.

In a free society, there would not only be schools that catered to particular religions, but also schools that catered to specific political views, ethnic groups, nationalities, and socio-economic statuses.

The solution to the problem of religion and public education is the same as the solution to every other problem with public education: abolish public education

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Nov 252014

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Nov 232014

Jacob Hornberger asks, What good would it do to reform the NSA and CIA?

Ron Paul says, “Help!”

Chris Floyd writes, “Red mist rising: Inside the world’s most powerful terrorist organization.”

Gary Galles writes about Jonathan Grubber and the superhero oath.

Gideon Levy asserts that in Israel, only Jewish blood shocks anyone.

Daniel McAdams discusses a former Bush national security advisor who wants to start World War III with Russia.

And Jon Hall says, ObamaCare: ‘If the wine is sour, throw it out.’

Nov 222014

Justina Pelletier is the teenager whose life was torn apart by zealous psychiatrists at Children’s Hospital who suddenly discontinued her treatment for Mitochondrial Disease and made her physical condition severely deteriorate — all in the name of “behavior modification” fanaticism. And she is the one whose life was torn apart by Massachusetts Department of Children and Families who abducted her away from her family and kept her imprisoned in mental health facilities even though she had no apparent “mental health” issues. She has since returned home to her family in Connecticut, last June. I have written about her case several times now. Here is the Miracle for Justina Facebook page, and the Free Justina Pelletier Now Facebook page.

Apparently in late September Justina was taken to the hospital because of experiencing “serious pain,” and then rushed to Yale/New Haven Hospital on October 5th, according to the #freejustina Twitter account and the Twitter account of a major Pelletier family advocate, the Rev. Patrick Mahoney. And yesterday, Rev. Mahoney asked to pray that Justina could be transferred to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and it seems his prayers were answered just today. Whatever is going on with Justina Pelletier now, I sure hope she gets better.

Besides Justina, I have also mentioned the case in Arizona of Kayla and Hannah Diegel who were kidnapped from their mother Melissa by CPS on behalf of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. See the Miracle for Two Sisters Facebook page. It is criminal what these government agencies and federally-funded hospitals are doing to kids and to families! And there are many hundreds of victims now.

As far as I’m concerned, if Justina does not survive this ordeal, then those Boston Children’s Hospital doctors must be criminally charged. They already should have been charged, in my view.

Given the cultural, moral and ethical decline of our society, and the pervasiveness of narcissistic tendencies, there really do seem to be practitioners who are obsessed with getting government funding as well as with using human beings in experiments to “prove” their theories. So I think the hunger for research funding has become as much a religious fanaticism as this “behavior modification” ideology seems to be. Sadly, the inclination of an increasing number of doctors as “Hmm, what can I do to make this patient better?” now seems to have become “Hmm, what can I do with this specimen to further my career in receiving government grants?”

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Nov 212014

Becky Akers on immigration insanity.

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Robert Wenzel makes the case that Blue Cross Blue Shield warned in 2009 that the White House was using bogus Gruber information.

James Bovard discusses Gruber and Leviathan’s shenanigans.

Michael Rozeff says that freedom and democracy are no excuse for U.S. interventions overseas.

Jörg Guido Hülsmann writes about the cultural and political consequences of fiat money.

Jacob Hornberger says thank the troops for their service to Islam.

Lawrence Vance on religion and public education.

William Blum analyzes Russia’s invasions of Ukraine using Saddam’s WMD.

Nov 192014

My latest article is posted today:

Well, the CPS vultures are out there, once again. This time in Seminole County, Florida. In June the county’s Child Protection Services bureaucrats took a 12-day-old baby away from his vegan Seventh Day Adventist mother who insisted on breastfeeding the baby, and, when the baby was losing weight the mother refused to take him to the hospital and instead she provided the baby with a supplemental vegan formula. That diet and method of healing was consistent with her religious beliefs, but her “doctor” believed otherwise, reported her to the “authorities” who arrested her, and had CPS seize her child.

The mother was actually charged with neglect. But this week a judge has decided to give custody back to the mother, Sarah Markham, as the judge agreed that Ms. Markham was not an “unfit mother.” Her attorney has stated that they hope police will drop the criminal charges against her as well.

Actually, in my view it is her doctor who reported her to CPS who is the real criminal here. By causing the baby to be taken out of his home and placed with strangers that doctor is the one who has compromised the baby’s health and security, and siccing government police on the mother is what I would consider a real case of endangerment of Sarah Markham as well.

Now, some people including some libertarians may have the view that society must nevertheless intervene to “save the child” from starvation because the child was losing weight as his mother’s breastfeeding wasn’t providing enough nutrition. But who is ultimately to decide what is best for the baby, the mother? The doctor or hospital? The government? Her neighbors?

This story reminds me of a more serious but somewhat similar situation from the 1980s, the Twitchell case. Remember that one? That was the case of the Christian Scientist couple, David and Ginger Twitchell, whose 2-year-old boy had an obstruction of the colon. The Twitchells chose to use prayer to heal their son as they rejected medical treatments, and when he died the couple were charged with and convicted of involuntary manslaughter. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court overturned the conviction, however.

I originally had the attitude of, “Well, those religious radicals allowed their baby to die in the name of their own religious beliefs, of course they’re guilty!” However, I changed my views on that the more I thought about it. And it was the late Gene Burns (1940-2013), former LP presidential candidate, whose discussion on his radio show convinced me to take the side of the parents, which is the side that Gene took. It really was a freedom issue.

Regarding the current case of Sarah Markham rejecting the doctors’ nutritional advice despite the baby’s losing weight, who is to say at that time that the doctors’ nutritional advice will actually be better for the baby? Who can tell the future as far as what will work? Should we base a forced treatment (and taking the baby away from his mother!) on the probability that the hospital’s nutritional treatments will be better for the baby? Modern medicine and doctors advice may be the better alternative most of the time, but not always. The problem here is that lack of a 100% guarantee that “doctor knows better,” as many of us know from our own experiences that there is plenty room for doubt there.

And in the case of the Twitchells, suppose these parents did take their child to the hospital which then had doctors surgically clear the child’s colon obstruction, but he nevertheless died? Yes, it does happen, and often, by the way.

This terrific Freeman article by A.M. Rogers explains several of these kinds of cases, with quite a few good examples which show that it is not always a good idea to rely on modern medicine, and which show that ultimately and morally, whatever the situation is medically, the parents really do have the ultimate moral authority to decide what’s best for their children.

However, as soon as the child is older and if the child himself is able to decide that he wants to try another alternative, then that is his right as well, even going against the parents wishes, such as if there are neighbors who have offered the child better food or if he wants to go to a doctor. I believe that Murray Rothbard promoted that same kind of right of self-direction in his Ethics of Liberty.

To conclude, if society is insistent on arresting and jailing parents for unconventional or alternative treatments of their children, then as the earlier Freeman article suggested, it would be equally and morally just to criminally charge doctors and hospitals whose modern medicine interventions also fail.

And in the case of Seventh Day Adventist and vegan Sarah Markham, it would also be just for her to insist on the arrest and prosecution of her “doctor” with charges of endangerment. He had her baby taken away by the vultures of CPS, and he also caused great risk to Sarah’s own life by having her arrested by government police who are notorious in their general lack of respect for the rights of innocent people.

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Nov 162014

Glenn Greenwald writes about the support Hillary Clinton is getting from Wall Street, neocons, the Israel Lobby, and otherwise supporters of the statist quo.

Wendy McElroy with an analysis of court journalists and war propaganda.

Trevor Timm on the U.S. government’s drive to make cyber security much less secure.

Mac Slavo discusses the first school to install a shooting detection system and how it won’t really make a difference.

Nadia Kayyali of Electronic Frontier Foundation has this post on the FBI’s vicious campaign to interfere with the civil rights movement of the 1960s and Martin Luther King, Jr. specifically.

Kurt Nimmo on middle school kids terrorized and traumatized by an unannounced active shooter drill.

Daniel McAdams discusses the Syria “Hero Boy” video revealed to be government propaganda.

Michael Tennant on the UN’s denial of using a Kenyan vaccination program for population control.

The U.K. Guardian with a story on U.K. human rights groups boycotting official inquiries into post-9/11 rendition and torture.

Eric Margolis writes about the mass slaughter of World War I.

William Grigg on the Oklahoma City bombing from 1995 and the FBI’s involvement and cover-up.

Robert Murphy has a good case against rent control.

Scott McConnell writes about Hillary Clinton’s Sheldon Adelson.

Some More Recent Items

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Nov 142014

Here are some important ideas to consider:

Jeff Deist provides some optimism for liberty.

Jacob Hornberger discusses one increasingly bad intervention after another in Iraq.

Wendy McElroy says that fractional reserve banking is not fraud.

James Bovard comments on how the Obamacare fraudsters rely on lies to pass their fascist agenda.

Philip Giraldi says that the CIA won the mid-term elections.

Andrew Napolitano has some questions for the new AG nominee.

Mac Slavo describes how Obama’s mental health screening in schools will ‘disarm’ gun rights: “databases to follow academic career and beyond.”

And Marcy Wheeler gives reasons to not support the “USA Freedom” Act.

Nov 112014

Jacob Hornberger says that we should rid America of veterans, by dismantling the national security state and ending foreign interventionism.

And Laurence Vance says that Veterans Day should be renamed as “Worship the Veterans Day.”

It’s amazing the crazy, childish myths that people believe, such as “the troops are defending our freedom,” even though the truth is that they mainly have been invading other countries that were of no threat to us and murdering innocent people over there and provoking foreigners to retaliate and act against the rest of us. But the masses feel more comfort in believing the hysterical rantings of their Rulers, as irrational as they really are. So as American society and culture continue to decline, collectivism and narcissism (a.k.a. “American Exceptionalism”) and authoritarianism have been on the rise. And this, sadly, includes the childish and gullible sheeple’s bowing down to anyone in a uniform, especially military and police. It’s really the symbolism that turns people on, combined with their neanderthalish deference to authority and rejection of liberty, individualism, independence and freedom of thought and conscience. (btw, here is a classic by Arthur Silber: “No, I Do Not Support ‘The Troops’.”)

Also, Lew Rockwell asks, Can anarcho-capitalism work?

Philip Weiss has this extensive interview with Tzvia Thier, an Israeli-American who was a true believer Zionist turned skeptic turned Zionism critic.

Judy Morris says that the petro dollar = ISIS dollar, Saudi Arabia, Sunni Salafist Wahhabism, and U.S. foreign policy.

Sheldon Richman on the zombie sheeple who want to ban Uber from their communist Amerikan cities.

And Paul Craig Roberts responds to the most recent fake bin Laden story.

Whew! That’s enough for me!